Relationship Roadmap 9

Relationship Roadmap pt9

So you been planning for months, both of you, are so excited to just get away. A long over due vacation, that’s just what you need right now. One thing I didn’t understand is that, couples are taking other couples with them on vacation. I never heard of this… If it was something on the kinky side, I’m not into that.. but at least I’d understand. I kinda get that the men go golfing and the women go shopping. But isn’t that what happens on every other weekend back home. The get away part, is from your everyday life. A better scenery, nice food, a show, and making love to your woman. A vacation is a pass to be as freaky and hard, loud and what ever you want your on vacation. So now married couples need a buffer or don’t want to spend time with the love of there life. Wow OK, it starts with that damn cell phone…always more important than anything  in your life. Life keeps going on, while your head is buried in that device. OK well my wife and I were best friends and liked to get away..with each other. Its was always going to be her and I taking this world by storm. We took road trips and stopped in a few small towns in America. With that one motel were you look at her and she looks at you. Both of you were thinking it, and smiled at each other at the front desk. Once we got the key and in the room… locked the door. Id say thank god i love you so much because if we have to fight the Bates to get out of here. I know i have my beautiful, so sweet, ain’t nobody got a woman like I got. Stuff as such, but we enjoyed spending time together, especially on vacation. Travailing can be hectic, but I’m a organized planner. So I do check lists, has the basics on it and we would sit down and talk. We plan out our days and nights wherever we did, or where our destination was. Swimming need suit maybe two, as we planed our vacation. Not our vacation with the Jones… This was  for her and I team us. So having organization is good and not strict planning to the minute planning, this should be a happy time, where couples don’t need relationship advise. If your taking the same, but different vacations . then i would think our days as a couple are numbered. I went on vacation with others like Vegas, but still it was her and i. Meeting up with the others for a dinner and show. But we ran our vacation together, and did our own thing. If you want to golf, in Vegas you need a 4am tee time. You can golf, she sleeps in..if you took care of business last night..she can go have break fast and you guys meet up to sight see, what ever it is…it should be something for you two. So I think you and your wife should try to be alone out of town. If you feel weird or uncomfortable Hanging out with your wife. You guys need help or a continued shipments /from google and helzberg diamond. But I really believe if your reading this, to try to make your marriage better. Your not going to blow her off on vacation,  so you can hang with your boy. Unless its your Bachelor party, then I’d say its not OK. Just try to be in the same room and enjoy each others  company. I thought that was a prerequisite.  Before you got married, moved in together, what ever it is. Trust me being married to your best friend is amazing. You Will have boys nights out, BBQ’s , Bronco games, golf, and even whole weekend away. OK well learn and love your other, because she’s the other half of your life. Just plan, no stress, and no surprise. Like a friend showing up. She might not mind but it doesn’t make those we has the best time memories. Till next time….

Remember you are part of her as she is the better half of you. And it’s your relationship, so do what feel right for you two… Love one another, but not a always under the covers.


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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