Relationship Roadmap 8

Relationship Roadmap pt8

On those special occasions, this is your time to shine. If you have been having conversions and listening to her. This should be a breeze, write no one knows my love better than I do. I hope your right, because it truly should be. By just having a little  interest in her life, your golden. But remember, women don’t want households items, let alone cleaning items. That would get you in so much hot water, it’s just plain stupidity. Don’t get decorative items like a picture she wanted, Because it not for her. Most women want something from you that shows her..not only do you love her, you know her. Um so all women love jewelry but, does it have meaning, why did you select that piece. If you have no answer, other than its pretty like you. I would shop around for apartments in the near future. Guy’s are easy, they don’t have the five C’s system in flat screen TV’s. Because we don’t need a reason or back story. If you got a TV you be watching all your reason in few minutes. But women like it if you know them, and the gift is an extension of you love for her. So now, I’ll put it like this if you love the Broncos as I do and your lover comes home on your birthday. Which happens to be three weeks before the home opener. And you had been hinting to her that you’d like to go. And hands you a gift wrapped box and an envelope. You open the envelope and its a nice card but no tickets. Instead its a hand written gift card to some guy Devon on how to be a better lover. Wow what’s this about, it like giving women a vacuum for Christmas. So you move on to the box you unwrap it and thru the tissue paper you see the NFL logo. It’s the Von Miller Jersey i wanted, you  lift the item out of the box. It a Khalil Mack Raider jersey. You say what’s this, she shrugs her shoulders. Ah it a Jersey, that’s what you wanted right aren’t they all the same. So I know it a crazy off the wall scenario, but you would feel as if she don’t even know you, right. So making sure she gets the gift she’s going to want that’s great, getting her a gift that she had no clue she wanted, but it is exactly what we been talking about. It’s some thing that is meaningful and it shows you love her. So it’s not about the money, it’s about the meaning. I was laid off right before Valentines day, and I had made the holiday a big to do. Our first Valentines she came home to the entry way decorated and covered with 5 dozen roses, candy and candy in bowls, a bunch of sing stuffed animals, balloons, pictures in heart shape of us. And i wrote about four different poems about us And the year and how much I loved her. This got bigger year after year it had hotel room added then trips added my own dipped and personalised chocolate covered strawberries, and gifts so many gifts.  But the year I got laid off I was screwed, I had been spending a lot of money. But the gifts were so meaningful it melted her heart every year. So on a budget I used what I had, and time was what I had the most of. So I started gathering photos of us the best ones. I kept files of the poems i had written her. So I scanned the photos into the computer. Each photo got a different poem except one. I went to Walgreen’s and priced a picture book. I believe it was 60+ pages, so I picked the best 60 or so photo/poem pages I had been working on. The center page I made a college of the 10 Valentines days we had calibrated. And wrote an extra long poem to cover both pages. The front of the book had a single slot for a picture and that spot got the first Valentines day.  I got candy and shopped around for the roses, 2 dozen. Got all her old Valentines day stuffed animals. Old stuff fit because of the poem book. I separated the roses and put 6 in each vase. So when she arrived home I made her a nice meal. The room was filled and was that wow to see. On the table were lit candles and her chocolate covered strawberries, and poem book behind them. She looked at the display I had made ate a strawberry or two. Then crinkled her forehead and said what’s this. I said it’s for you open it, she smiled and began, flipping through the pages. I was on my way to her, I heard her sniffle. She looked up me with tears in her eyes, shook her head and then wrapped her arms around me and kissed me so hard. I was so happy and relived that her reaction was as I expected. Because I knew my women and knew how to melt her heart. Just have meaningful conversations with her, don’t ease drop on her and her girlfriends. Just love her, know her and its a good idea to put away poems, stuffed animals, just mementos. If it has meaning I’m putting it in a box with other like items already put away. They provide the nostalgic and yet the he kept that type of  emotion. So keep learning about each other and if you don’t know any thing about her with substance, I’d get to learning and learning fast.

Love her like today was your last. And take the time to just sit and talk, no cell phones once again. And look into each others eyes as you speak to one another..

OK till next time…


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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