Pushing Love Away

I know how to draw them in by
Saying what they want me to say
And at the same time I know exactly
What to do to push them away

It’s like my heart cry’s out for it
The need for love is so great
Yet my mind won’t let it, knowing
The pain of another heartbreak

A heart so dried up dieing for a sip
To quench its thirst
Subconsciously, believing a taste
Would lead to so much hurt

A heart left unnourished by love
It absolutely refuses to be saved
My heart doesn’t know of love anymore
It just pushes it away

By Gary Agurries

From My Heart To Yours

You need to get something off your chest
I’ll sit and listen attentively
You know you can tell me anything
And you can always count on me

If your cold I’ll be there keeping you warm
holding you in my arms so tight
Anything you need, I’ll get it for you happily
Morning, noon and night

When we’re tired and making dinner is the Last thing we want to think of
I’ll order carry out, lay you on the couch
And give you a foot rub

I know with each and every passing day
Our love grows more and more
My heart beat calls out to you, I can feel it
From my heart to yours

By Gary Agurries

Words Unspoken

I’ve seen her smile

and look down as if she was so shy

I’ve seen her smile, 

laughing having the time of her life

I’ve see her smile, 

and would use it as a disguise

I’ve seen her smile 

looking up hold back the tears in her eyes

Her eyes I’ve seen light up when she was surprised

And I knew she was so sweet from her ever so kind eyes

When she was nervous I’ve seen those eyes look elsewhere quickly

I look deep into those eyes and her feeling they’d give her away

Her hair I seen her put in a bun or ponytail when she got serious

And I’ve seen her twirl or play with her hair when she was nervous

I seen her use it to  try to hide when she was  feeling embarrassed

I’ve seen her hair go through changes as herself she would express

So many times we conversated, not saying what I wanted to say

So many times we touch, but not in that special kind of way

I thought we would end up together, that’s what I was hoping

But you don’t get the answer to your question from words Unspoken.

The Whole Time

Right before my eyes it became so clear

Everything I was looking for was right here

We been alone so so many times before

Why I never seen it, I’m not really sure

It might be the moonlight setting a mood

Or just maybe I never truly looked at you

For whatever reason I don’t know why

But your just what I’ve been looking for
The whole Time

By Gary Agurries

Don’t Have To Say A Word

My baby don’t say not a thing

I know what she’s thinking that’s for sure

My baby don’t say anything 

She don’t even have to say a word

The first time she looked at me

And I was looking at her 

She smiled, batted her eyes

Then glanced down at the floor

I knew she was still thinking of me 

As she looked at the ground 

Then she  looked back up at me 

She didn’t have to make a sound

I don’t recall what happened 

After all of this 

I can only flash forward to

Us embracing and that first kiss.

My baby don’t say not a thing

I know what she’s thinking that’s for sure

My baby don’t say anything 

She don’t even have to say a word

By Gary Agurries

Book Coming out Soon

I want to thank each and everyone of you. You have been there to support me. I really do appreciate each and everyone of you and you have made a huge impact in my writing. I read your post and I get intimidated, you are all so well written. For that reason it has stepped up my own writing as well, sometimes I feel like a fraud. Posting my poems that have little structure and definitely don’t follow any formats. Yet you all have embraced me and serous my writing in 3 years has developed more than I ever could have imagined. I have my first publication on Amazon’s KDP, and this one will be as well. I was reading both of them and the difference is night and day. Once again from the bottom of my heart I thank you for all your support, you guys have meant more to me than you’ll ever know.

Gary Agurries

Miserably Happy

I guess you can say I had a breakthrough of sorts today
I’m closer to figuring out what the hell is wrong with me
I can’t seem to do anything the way your supposed to
But the worst best thing is I can’t seem to stay away from you

Your So very bad for me
I’m not blind I can see
Together we’re a tragedy
You make me so miserably happy

A healthy relationship this can’t be
Because we make each other so
Miserably Happy

You wish I was dead and yet you can’t live without me
I guess that’s part of being so miserably Happy

By Gary Agurries


I guess I will never ever, I just don’t understand
I listened and all I hear is what women want in a man
From what I see, all they want is really what they can’t have.

Women say they want some who will always be there
A man that treats them well and shows them that he cares
And they also want passion and someone to pull their hair

I’ve tried cause I’m that one there all saying there looking for
I’m everything that they say they want and so much more
I treat them better then they have been treated before

So from experience, If you give them what they want
Their happy for a minute and then the next their gone
So if they are happy and can’t complain then they move on

I guess that seems crazy to myself and other men like me
Women can’t deny it, it happens over and over constantly
I can’t rationalize it because it’s pure utter insanity

I not ever gonna try to understand
I won’t ever get it I’m a man
I just embrace the crazy that’s my plan
I’ll never change who I am
Anymore I don’t try to understand

By Gary Agurries

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Time and there is a bit of frost in the air
Everyone’s out buying gifts feeling that Christmas cheer
The music playing as they dance singing so happily
As they put ornaments and twinkle light on the Christmas tree.
Get ready for that special night, smell of baking fills the air
Been waiting for so long for that magical day to get here
The only thing that matters, only one thing reigns true
It’s nothing if you don’t care about others and they for you
So remember all those who you care about and mean so much
To all my friends and family I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas.

By Gary Agurries