Delusional Paradise

Welcome to your delusional paradise.

Under the made for your pleasure blue skies.

Bask in the big bright glow of radiation.

Where every day is like a fatal vacation.

Keep your eyes closed tight and look around.

Pay no attention to those warning sounds.

The smell of things rotten and stench of decay.

If you take these pills it will all go away.

There is nothing like it not anywhere you’ll find.

Just one hit away and it’s right up in your mind

Where everything is great, it’s just so nice

Here inside your own delusional paradise.

By Gary Agurries


Addicted 2 You

What’s sad is that were over and through

I thought We had a chance, I was such a fool

The crazy thing is why in the hell do I miss you

After all the things you’ve done and put me through

Why can’t I move on

It’s like I’m stuck

I know it’s so wrong

To still crave your love

Your like a addiction

Feel good yet so wrong

Your my addiction

One minute your here, then your gone

Your my addiction

You make me so numb

I’m so addicted to you

Don’t know what to do

I need a hit because

I’m addicted to you.

I can’t stop aching and shaking I feel so cold

I can’t sleep ment to suffer each waking moment , I know

That your really bad for me, but what am I supposed to do

I can’t stop this intense craving because I’m addicted to you.

My backs against the wall

I can’t but I want to call

My world is ready to crumble and fall

Your what I want and that is all

Heart beat so fast

How long is this going to last

Your in my my brain

pumping through my veins

This addiction I can’t explain.

It’s driving me absolutely insane

By Gary Agurries.


I remember when I first laid eyes on you

What came of a look who would of knew

Only if I would of know any better

My first words would of been more cleaver

I’d would of appreciated our time together

I always thought we would be forever

Now that your not hear, I lost and hurting

All I have now is Remembering.

By Gary Agurries

Trying To Find

I want a woman who is loyal, loyal to the soil
She gets me so hot she makes my blood boil
Her eyes I get lost in every single time
Her soft kissable lips, I long to have pressed to mine
She has a smile that can brighten up the whole world
And the sweetest voice that I’ve ever heard
I know what she’s saying when she doesn’t say a word
My whole day I look forward to getting back to her
Positive, smart, funny and so very clever
Good on our own but better when we’re together
Confident in who she is and not afraid to speak her mind
A few qualities of the woman I’m trying to find

By Gary Agurries

Always There For You

When you need I’m there, for you
That just something I always do
If I need you’d be there, I assumed
I was so wrong, I should of knew

You call and I’m on my way
All the favors, I thought you’d repay (someday)
it seemed like you gave a damn about me
But your never there when I’m in need (my self esteem has taken a beating)

If it’s broke, I’ll repair it
If I have one, I’ll share it
If it’s cold, my coat you wear it
I just thought you gave a shit

I guess I care enough for two
Because I can’t count on you
Pretending is just what you do
You’re not there for me, yet I’m
Always there for you

I’m always there for you
There’s nothing I won’t do
I’m there when you’re in need
Why can’t you be there for me

Why, I haven’t got a clue
Still I’m always there for you
For whatever you need me to do
I’m always there for you

By Gary Agurries

My Life

I never want to let an opportunity pass me by
You never know it just might change my life
That’s why, I always down to give it a try
Never sit around waiting on fate to decide

I make the most of any given situation
Along the way I’ve made a lot of good friend
It’s never over a new chapter just begins
What ever happens, is in my own hands

There is never any clear worng and right
You enjoy every day and dream every night
Love your self and you’ll feel great inside
I have not one regret, I chose to live my life

By Gary Agurries

What I See

Some days I look in the mirror 

And I’m as confident as can be

I really do like all that I see

I feel like I can do anything

I see all the good things in me

And there other days I’m not so sure

I can’t help feel so insecure

Me and my confidence is so low

I don’t even want to look any more

I wonder what the world does see

When people look at me

I say I don’t care what other think 

Yet I try to be the best I can be

I know confidence it does show

How I’m feeling people do know

I try to let them see the good things in me

Even if that’s not what I see.

By Gary Agurries

I Think

Something I think and I think of you

I wonder if you think of me too

I think of you, just about all the time

I can’t seem to get you off my mind

I think of your beauty in the sunlight

And I dream of you all through the night

I think of in us in the winter snow

Summer vacations and where we’d go

And in spring how we’d plant things

In fall we’d watch the change of leaves

I Think?

By Gary Agurries

Misty Night

Misty clouds in the night sky, they hover over me
It’s taking a turn my visions impaired, I can barely see
I Know I should turn around, but I’m In too deep
It’s just that Misty nights like this, bring back good memories

Sitting by the fire light
you smell so sweet
holding you so tight
I can hear you breathe
you make me feel all warm inside
you make me complete
I just want to spend one more misty night alone just, you and me.

Cause those Misty nights
Seem to set the mood right
It was a Misty night
I fell in love at first sight
On those Misty nights
We had the time our lives
I wish that all nights
could be like
Those Misty nights.

By Gary Agurries

Pushing Love Away

I know how to draw them in by
Saying what they want me to say
And at the same time I know exactly
What to do to push them away

It’s like my heart cry’s out for it
The need for love is so great
Yet my mind won’t let it, knowing
The pain of another heartbreak

A heart so dried up dieing for a sip
To quench its thirst
Subconsciously, believing a taste
Would lead to so much hurt

A heart left unnourished by love
It absolutely refuses to be saved
My heart doesn’t know of love anymore
It just pushes it away

By Gary Agurries