Delusional Paradise

Welcome to your delusional paradise. Under the made for your pleasure blue skies. Bask in the big bright glow of radiation. Where every day is like a fatal vacation. Keep your eyes closed tight and look around. Pay no attention to those warning sounds. The smell of things rotten and stench of decay. If youContinue reading “Delusional Paradise”

Christmas Songs Through My Eyes

Everyone has their very own opinion and this is mine. Here is a look at Songs From my point of view. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Its Christmas Time and Time for my Christmas Review. I know it’s late I usually post this right after Thanksgiving. But this year I haven’tContinue reading “Christmas Songs Through My Eyes”

You Look Better As You /A Look Through My Eyes

Have you ever had someone tell you where to go, how to dress, how to act, and like what you don’t. Well that’s the case with this Artist, as a child they had such an amazing singing voice it caught the eye on the Ellen, and Oprah show. The artist I’m talking about was Charice.Continue reading “You Look Better As You /A Look Through My Eyes”

Watch “Halloween Prop Build 2021” on YouTube

This is my Halloween Decorations Build for the last 7 weeks been working on all these props for the yard. So I set it to a mix I sliced and diced to add to my video/slide show. Hope you enjoy it, thank you for visiting my page. By Gary Agurries

Halloween Songs Through My eyes

This is a compiled list of favorite Halloween party songs. It’s hard to have dance songs about creepy things. theses are the ones that did and they did it very well. Rockwell – Somebody’s watching Me. I always wondered why Michael Jackson sang the chorus, on this song with such a catch hook. The answerContinue reading “Halloween Songs Through My eyes”

Love Songs Though My Eyes (oldies)

Through my eyes it’s just like it sounds, a look at artists from my point of view. Everyone has their own opinion, and this is mine. I guess a few of my last love song posts could be considered oldies since they were 20 plus years old. But these are the songs I grew upContinue reading “Love Songs Though My Eyes (oldies)”

Love Songs Though My Eyes (Pop R&B)

Through my eyes is just what it sounds like, a look at artists from my point of view. Everyone has their very own opinion, and this is mine. I have loved so many songs through my life, but love songs what have made an impression on me the most. The lyrics not only tell aContinue reading “Love Songs Though My Eyes (Pop R&B)”

You Don’t Own Me Through My Eyes

Lesley Gore “Lesley Sue Goldstine” was her real name and she had so many hits as a teenager, she recorded her version of It’s My Party with Quincy Jones in 1963, she was a junior in high school. It became a number-one. Followed by Judy’s Turn to Cry, She’s a Fool and You Don’t Own Me You Don’tContinue reading “You Don’t Own Me Through My Eyes”

Chvrches Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes is just like it sounds, a look at a band from my point of view. Every one has their own opinion and this is mine. Chvrches a band that has been around for almost 10 years, yet I hadn’t had the pleasure of hearing their music till a few years ago. BeingContinue reading “Chvrches Through My Eyes”