My Paper Heart

So many transformationsThrough all of these yearsSo many good times, momentsAnd not all were sad tearsBut still I only show youWhat I allow you to seeIt takes time and effortTo know the real meI can show you a sparklingVibrant heart of loveYou won’t see the holes, marksAnd where it’s all beat upI can decorate itContinue reading “My Paper Heart”

Happy 4th Of July

The sun goes down we’re readyNervous cause of the angel next to meShe smiles and my hand she holdsJust then she began to really glowIt might of been from the holiday showSo beautiful whatever it was thoughAs fireworks light up the nightThere’s a chill so she holds me tightThrough her eyes reflection I seeThis hereContinue reading “Happy 4th Of July”

Wish Come True

I finally realized that your going to beThat special someone but not for me I can imagine you with the biggest smileAs you look at him coming down the aisle You deserve to have a wonderful lifeI always knew you’d make an amazing wife All the times I pictured you oh so happyI just didn’tContinue reading “Wish Come True”

Miss Understood

She has a good heart I just know itShe does care, just doesn’t show itBeen jaded by other guys, I can seeShe don’t trust, one day she’ll trust meI’ll get through that wall she has built upShowing her everyday I’m good enoughThey say she’s just a big waste of timeI think She’s worth all theContinue reading “Miss Understood”

Going Out Of My Mind

¬†   I’m going out of my mind Even though you not even here I can feel you smothering Me with those eyes. You have yet to say one word, The anticipation makes my ears cry I can’t help but to feel like i’m suffocating¬† With each and every breath you make Oh how IContinue reading “Going Out Of My Mind”