Do Something

Think back when you had no cares in the world

You didn’t know all the horrible there are

So impressionable and so optimistic, ready to learn

Anything would be possible, you were so sure

But we get older, our vision changes what we see

A world for what it is and not for what it can be

Innocence lost, we no longer believe in magical things

Become sceptical, judgmental and no longer dream

We can’t go back, know too much, wouldn’t be the same

So the children need us, to use our brains.

The future, needs us to try to fix or to contain

All the bad , its up to us to make that change.

By Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

5 thoughts on “Do Something

    1. Me Too, I only had the chance to see him once in 1984 in Denver Colorado, the Victory tour with his brothers. He was an amazing showman, that’s for sure. His music inspires and makes you want to dance. Thanks so very much, I appreciate your comments.

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