I've seen her smile and look down as if she was so shy I've seen her smile, laughing having the time of her life I've see her smile, and would use it as a disguise I've seen her smile looking up hold back the tears in her eyes For her so much to handle, I … Continue reading sMiLe

Forever Damaged

Am I that fragile that I crumble EverytimeOr am I so terrified I don't really even tryDo my scars attract others who will hurt meAre my wounds that easy for them to seeWill I ever heal, will I be the same againOr am I so bad, I'm permanently brokenJust cut after cut, old and all … Continue reading Forever Damaged

Wait For Her Response

Hey Girl how are youhow was your dayThat's usually somethingI would say She say It was goodhow was yoursThen we would chatfor hours and hours Talking about anythingand everythingIm a private personso I don't mind sharing It's getting lateI'm gonna have to let you goBut before I dothere's something have to know I pause and … Continue reading Wait For Her Response