Let’s Forget

Baby it’s beginning to snow outside,

you know I want you to stay the night.

Honey thats your second glass of wine,

we lost track… its like we forgot about time.

But beside all that.. it just feel so right,

the way you look in these twinkle lights

I couldnt ask for a more perfect night,

I can’t remember having a better time.

Baby it’s your love I have to have tonight,

our body become one, intertwind.

It’s not the twinkling lights,

has nothing to do with the snow or the glasses wine.

you feel it to gir,l i can tell you cant hide.

lets just forget about the world tonight


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

One thought on “Let’s Forget

  1. Beautifully romantic. How good when love really works. The problem is we are often sailing in a sea of illusion-delusion, dream and reality. We hope for something but we risk being deluded afterwards. Please, have a look at my friend Mario Savioni’s writing. He has very much in common with you. Right now he is posting very short chapters of a novel called “Pickles and Tarts”, where he deals with the aforementioned topics of illusion-delusion, etc. It is a wonderful story of two people, a 54-year-old man called Frank and Nicole, a beautiful young woman who is just 19. What do you think are the chances of a possible love relationship with such huge age difference? Do you think that is important or not? This is Mario’s blog with the story: http://savioni.wordpress.com/

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