One Persons, No is Another’s No.1


stupidThese are a few song that would have been different if recorded by original intended artists. Some times the original choice or a record labels screw up, causing fate to step in and make said song a hit. Some artist get 200 plus songs sent to them, in hopes they will record them on their upcoming album. So a lot of Songs end up nothing or in other artists hands. Not all artists write all of their songs or they collaborate with other artist / song writers to make a song. Here are a few songs that who knows how they would have played out going to different artists.. And some are huge mistakes by the label that thank god it worked for the artist in the end..

The Monster – recorded by Rihanna And Eminem – written by Bebe Rexha and recorded by Bebe Rexha.  given to Rihanna and Eminem as the final decision. Decisions have to be made, but not always the right ones come out.  Bebe walked away  from a big opportunity’s due to lack of creative control. Not five years ago, it was two days ago… Are you kidding me, she has Two Grammy Nominations and has proven her self time and time again. and still has to deal with that kind of treatment..Wow Rexha Version

So lets look and see what other huge mistakes or decisions labels  or Executives have made in the not so distant past…. and as always the name of the song take you to that hit song.. hope you enjoy.

Umbrella  by Rihanna ft Jay Z…… was to go to Britney Spears and who knows what would have changed Rihanna future song opportunity’s. Britney never seen or heard it..

How Will I know …………was offered to Janet Jackson but declined had enough hit for her album was to be said by her people.. made Whitney Huston a happy Diva.

I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing ….. was offed  and rejected by Celion Dion and her people.. Steven Tyler scooped it up quick to make it a long deserved first #1 Single for Aerosmith. to accompany his daughter in the movie Armageddon.

Happy. ………by Pharrell written and recorded by Cee-Lo Green, Cee-Los’s people scratched the whole project album for a Christmas album

Baby Hit Me One More Time ……by Britney Spears, pretty much launching her to stratum was offered to TLC and rejected.. Britney is thankful for that one. others song Britney has to be thankful for are Slave for U and Boys rejected by Janet Jackson and her people.  another one is Toxic Rejected by Kylie Mingue, Kylie commented the that got away. but there is one that Miss Spears Camp let go and Said No and i think another good decision by her and her people the song was milk shake…

Milk Shake ………….was offered to Britney Spears turned down and given to Kelis, I think it fits Kelis better anyway.

Don’t Cha …… by the Pussy Cat Dolls was being pitched to Paris Hilton and Sugar Baby’s no one sen what it could be or the Pussy Cat Dolls got lucky..

Nothing on you ……….written for Lupe Fiasco but recorded bu B.O.B and he’s thankful that Lupe’s people threw it out even after it had been recorded. so Bruno Mar took It To B.O.B

Since U Been Gone………. written for Pink, she couldn’t do anything with it gave it to Hillary Duff didn’t think she could hit the vocal arrangements and it fell in Kelly Clarkson’s hands. I bet some people out there Screamed like Steve Carell screamed in the 40-year-old virgin…. KELLY CLARKSON

Miss Independent ………..Was pitched to Christina Aguilera and Destiny’s child .. but Kelly Clarkson got handed another gem.. some one drops the ball again.

I have seen so many more, these are the biggest.. if you’re a song writer or artist make sure that you have good people looking out for you and your band. It may take some time to get there but don’t compromise anything that you feel so strongly about. Bruno Mars was signed to Motown and they sat him didn’t get to record or be the artist he is today.. huuumm… the biggest chart topping Male artiest of all times and behind Rihanna and Mariah Carry. Just saying be careful and surround your self with people you trust.. thank you and if you have any that you’d like brought to peoples attention, let me know and we’ll keep updating these lists..  you all are so great and keep doing what you’re doing.

By Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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