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I noticed that my playlist consists of really good music, but there seems to be a pattern. I have multiple songs from artists that are bands with women as lead –  vocals and more…… They write, produce, play instruments, and so much more  – plus look amazing doing it.   Not only are they the most beautiful women in the world, but they are also the most…. imaginative, talented, creative, trend-setting, role models you could ever find. My favorites consist of Paramore, Against the Current, As December Falls, Hey Violet. just to name a few. I’m not a critic, not anybody to rate, compare or have any clout, just a big music fan.  Comparing them, –  Not a Chance they are so special in their own respective way. But as I looked into this, Now I have more to add to my list like New Years Day, Icon for Hire, Crashing Atlas, Truly Yours, Halflives, Halestorm, Reachback Eclipse for Eyes and Crystalyne. so I have put together in no particular order these phenomenal human beings that happen to be female. not to take anything away from the numerous band members that rock. But embarrassed as I am to admit, a lot of these bands I’ve never heard of. So, I realized… We need to get them some recognition for all their tireless, grinding, years of such hard but yet amazing work.. Tell me what you think, and let me know who else is worth listening too.

I put together a way for you to also discover these awsome bands. kinda interactive post, hope you enjoy **Click on the Artists Name goes to bands Page / click on Band and go to video of the band –  The Color code is : the darker the harder,  Pop, Altrnitive nu rock Punk Rock, hard rock metal to Death Metal./ With my disruptive comments on each unique band,

Hayley Willams   (I love her writing, voice just everything about her Talent.. and the person she is absolute, Amazing and the very best in my opinion.)                                               Paramore
Rena Lovelis  (Rena been making music since birth. experience/age almost =. with sis Nia from cherry Bomb 2 now the high level/quality for any band/wow no matter the age)                                                                                                      Hey Violet
Chrissy Costanza ( also young with an angelic voice that just pulls you in. Never the same they switch it up a lot & do a great job at it. great pop/ rock band)                                                                                                                                             Against the Current
Bethany Curtis (She has an infectious voice that I could listen to forever. they are a great young band and need more recognition, NOW.. like yesterday fast )                                                                                                                                As December Falls
Marissa Dottoli ( has this bubbly just so adorable, and fun young music )                                                                   Crystalyne
Ariel Bloomer (so good with her fast, punchy lyrics, hard rock beats so gd )                                                                     Icon For Hire
Ash Costello (from then to now grew but all music is so good all song)                                                                            New Years Day
Mikaila Delgando (nu rock beats with a voice so strong but sweet.. so good)                                                                   Yours Truly
Shelby Celine (soft, sweet voice over hard-hitting in your face jams)                                                                                 Crashing Atlas
Amy Lee (best operatic hard rock voice instant classic,  for a long time)                                                                          Evanescence
Lexi Salazar (sweet, sultry  and strong voice over elctro-rock sound )                                                                      Eclipse For  Eyes
Kristine Dix (powerful, insisting voice, hard rock with a cherry on top, nice)                                                                 Sweet Anarchy
Chloe Drinkwater (voice like a feather guiding a train, what a ride)                                                                                Skarlett Riot
Linda Battilani (smart, lulling, powerful, great voice on top a good rock beat)                                                                    Halflives
Lexus Amanda (hard electro-rock,/rhythmic voice up and down like an EQ                                                                         )Black List ME
Ana (amazing, rough voice in tune with music)                                                                                                                                   Altered Sky
Taylor Momsen (leather and lace voice. raspy, smooth, 4 awhile )                                                                                The Pretty Reckless
Jenna McDougall  (from 0 to 100 and from bitter to sweet… its great)                                                                                 Tonight Alive
Alecia Demner (like a title wave pull toward the strong)                                                                       Stitched up Heart
Jenny Mann (Disney princess to an ass-kicking. they s good)                                                                                                        Blame Shift
Diamante (so hot and rough,/ beautiful rocket launch)                                                                                                                     Diamante
Sarah Anthony (innovate, commanding yet strong to stronger Voice)                                                                             The Letter Black
Sid Duran (big beautiful sweet,  and intimidating but welcoming voice)                                                                                               Valora
Nyxx (Betty Boop Meets Marilyn Manson, She Rocks)                                                                                                                                      Nyxx
Emily Kavanaugh ( eletro-punk / sweet nightmare)                                                                                                                              Night Club
Lacey Strum/ Kristen May  nightmare Lully by, comfortable destruction)                                                                              Flyleaf
Avril Lavigne (been one of my favs for a long time and continues to be)                                                                                 Avril Lavigne
Lzzy Hale ( beautiful ass whooping, UFC Prom queen, they rock so hard )                                                                               Halestorm
Chloe Ozwell (barbwire candy/ switchblade caring kitten.. )                                                                                                Sister Shotgun
Juilet Simms (off-road picnic / shiny mud)                                                                                                                                       Juliet Simms
Jen Rozovi & Povi Van Dam (sweet harmony – punk grunge)                                                                                                                 Bombpops
Carly Smithson (sweet haunting, symphony goth amp’ed up)                                                                                                We Are The Fallen
Dawn Michele (a strong presence that just sounds so good)                                                                                                   Fireflight
Mizuho Lin  (rhythmic Beauty, A happy PUNCH in the face)                                                                                                                     Semblant
Stef w/F ( good range and tone through a wasp swarm)                                                                                                        City Of The Weak
Ruby Willams (sweet girl next door rocks like other, I love them)                                                                                         Reachback
Charlotte Gilpin ( sweetest rough screaming voice, they’re awesome)                                                                               Dream State
Candace Kucsulain  (rhythmic growl and hard in your face sound)                                                                           Walls Of Jericho
Otep (haunting Daydream that you can’t, but don’t want to wake up From)                                                                                              Otep
Simone Simons (melodic sweet razor blade ballot voice)                                                                                                                            Epica
Alexia Rodriguez (pure honey and broken glass. very good)                                                                                                      Eyes Set Kill
Floor Jensen & Anette Tarja (rock symphony, a range of highs and lows)                                                                               Night Wish
Vicky Psarakis (cinematic roller coaster ride to the depths of the underworld)                                                                  The Agonist
Tatiana Shmaylyuk (pure sweet chaos, that beats down your door)                                                                                                Jinjer
Danni Monroe (perfect voice range from metal to r&b so powerful)                                                                      The Dirty Youth
Sam Faul (such a heavenly voice that is so strong.. non-stop)                                                                                                        Fifth Dawn
Amanda Lyberg (amazing beautiful voice, soft and soothing on the rocks)                                                                        Eva Under Fire
Eliza Ryd (pop/diva sound flipped and turned around)                                                                                                                     Amaranthe
Erin Reus ( voice brings you in so sweet onto of thumping beat)                                                                                                       Stateside
Gwen Stefani *no doubt every onr knows who she is)                   No Doubt 
Cassadee Pope  Solo ( she went on the voice and then to country, it was like0                                                           Hey Monday

Sydney Sierota (love her voice and the bands content tell her is like something I would have written)                           Echosmith



wrockI hope you have enjoyed this half as much as I did making it. If I forgot or I haven’t discovered the music of your favorite bands let me know. I’m always interested in listening to good music. If I get a good response I’m thinking of highlighting musicians from these and other bands, like drummers such as Nia Lovelis(Hey Violet), Zac farro Paramore), and Chris Bloskey(Crashing Atlas) and much more… let me know, hope to hear from all of you soon.

Gary Agurries


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I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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