Relationship Roadmap 1

Relationship Roadmap 1

Being in a relationship, It’s not easy, birds chirping, sun shinning, and everyone is dancing and singing, yeah. It takes work to keep a happy and healthy relationship. But if you just pay attention to your other half, then you will pick up on clues. They might not even know that their giving out, these are.. “helpful pieces of information”. If they are tired that’s easy. its stay home, get take out or home cooked meal.. if you can cook. Don’t try something new and mess it up when she is hungry and tired. That will put an end to the night real fast. So set a nice table, sit down and have a conversation . No devices, just one on one time, giving each other your undivided attention. Ask about her day and how such events made her feel. Just listen don’t be the hero. You ask.. is there anything you can do, if you really can do something to rectify the situation. There’s always situations, and she just wants confirmation from you. that you support her and her choice or decision. After dinner let her retreat to the living room while you take care of the dishes, left over’s, just all the dinner mess. Join her in the living room and give her a shoulder and back massage. Give her control of the remote..for the rest of the night. Yes you probably will watch reality TV, women yelling at each other. Women get worked up, watching these shows, it’s another clue. Talk to her about the show , whats getting her worked up, and her emotions. just her take on what she like and dislikes. Who and what is getting her worked up…just general information about the series. Just stay focused and hear her, pay attention to her issues. A lot of times they hit close to home, she may be giving you information on what her dislikes are and you now can work with that in the near future. Once again side with her about everything on these shows, just listen and agree. When you adjourned to the bed room, her being tired was a clue. No sex tonight, as you lay there keep communicating, talk about the tomorrow and your guys plans, things about the two of you. This shows and confirms that you two have a future together. You can hold her, spoon, cuddle, stroke her hair. Just no hanky panky stuff, if she not in the mood and you piss her off…all your doings tonight are lost. You’ll have plenty of time together for relations. one night of putting all of her feelings, issues, and emotions first..will go along way. Go to sleep and you will have embedded this night of selflessness into her memory even if its subconsciously. Putting her first and hearing her grievances and option’s is huge to women, the key word was hearing.

Till next and let her know your love!


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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