Relationship Roadmap 2

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Relationship Roadmap 2

Having weekends plans, this may get decided as early as the previous weekend. It may seem like just a casual night out, but be sure. Remember pay attention to your lover, if she not talking about it and getting an outfit prepared by Wednesday then maybe your right. But if she’s talking to her friends and wants to go over details. You might have to up your game. She is now building up this night in her head, and in her head everything is perfect. So now you have to try to make it a very special night. It’s not ever going to be perfect but you can put in effort to make it special. Get the vehicle cleaned and ready for you princesses carriage, have a music playlist of your guys songs the ballets work best. You have to look good, trim, man scape have an outfit ready, Cologne up. Ask foodies you don’t just use one sense to enjoy food and she going to use all her senses to enjoy you. You’ll look good, you’ll smell good, music will sound good , mints so you’ll taste good, hold hand(moisturizer early and often) you’ll feel good…. Its going to feel better later.. but for now. Little things matter so much, if you can get a dozen roses. This is the thought full part, you’re going to break them up to individual roses. I suggest those little clear tubes with water for the bottoms to keep them healthy. Now you have to get away and make it happen. Every place your going visit that evening and some stopping points are key (if you can talk someone into helping, you life will be better). Like give one to the restaurant, a little store you stop at for gum. I just suggest put little pit stops in thru the night. And you got its your going to need at least 10 pick up spots. 10 because the first is in the vehicle on her seat, with a nice cloth in a little basket would be golden. Now you need the establishments help, distributing these flowers. I suggest the new out-door shopping complexes are great, then you get there early and walk the shops. There usually lit romantically and she’ll notice tonight…ever so much. As she start getting roses..she’s going catch on quick so just a few shops. But you have to keep her on her toes, be creative. Like under a park bench, on a moon it stroll. At the movies the ticket seller hands over one with the tickets. Comedy club if you can get the comedian to give her one wow. its things like this that become unforgettable memories. I go a little further with a little love note or poem with each one of the roses. But remember to enjoy each other, don’t focus on the next flower destination. Look in her eyes when you talk, smile her, tell her how beautiful she is..because women get tired of hearing that. And what you did is replace all her preconceived notions, and expectations of this night and blew them away. The last and final rose’s should be in the bed room. It can be there in a vase, or you can turn toward her with it between your teeth. This I would suggest if you have music cued and dance with her in a moon or candle lit bedroom. It takes some effort but when you see her smile and give you that look..its a look of so much love and just auww….you know you just made her feel like the most special woman in the world. And other women will tell her, how lucky she is to have such a wonderful man. When women start picturing how she wants a thing to go and you have know idea, that’s dangerous. And most times she disappointed, and its a bad night. Having her collecting the flowers, like I said it takes her mind off the impossible and becomes a spontaneous, caring evening. And you’ll score big… Literally and figuratively. I suggest limit cell phone use, undivided attention. Bring it out for photos and that’s it, no checking in, posting, messages.. Tonight is about you two don’t let a phone ruin a special night.

OK till next time, keep reminding her how beautiful she is..and keep listing to her because there’s little bits of information in what she says and reacts to, it helps on what you can do next.


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

3 thoughts on “Relationship Roadmap 2

  1. It is interesting how your advice surely works for the vast majority of women. They expect the man to drive them around, to start all the love actions, to give them flowers and so on. I am not saying this is wrong, but it reinforces the classical roles of men-women. Men = women’s sustainers. Women = passive, expectant, let men start things. However, there is a few of us, women, who are rather unconventional. I want to drive and not to be driven and because I do not need a car in my country I ride a bicycle, my own vehicle and so does my man. Funny he tried to impress me with a car and in the end he gave up driving and sold it, haha, because we did not need a car to get to places in Barcelona, a very well communicated city by public transport. This is great advice of yours: “don’t let a phone ruin a special night.”

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    1. Its for someone who wants to show another person how much they love them. I can see a woman doing this for her lover. I’d love it if a woman did things like these for me. Thank You, I like your view in things. It keeps me on my toes.

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