The Way She Looked At Me

I can remember the first time I seen her
I got of work and I was a mess
She had a double take figure
Held together in a baby blue sundress
I just couldn’t take my eyes off her
I was wanting to see to the rest
Then she turned and gave such a smile
And still today it leaves me breathless
I loved the way her curly locks bounced
As she flipped her perfect hair
Then like a freight train
She hit hit me with her heavenly stare

Something in her bright eyes
Couldn’t look away I was mesmerized
I couldn’t move, she had me paralyzed
Those magical eyes had me hypnotized

I knew it, there was no mystery
It was the way she looked at me
I felt I’m where I’m supposed to be
Because of the way she looked at me

In those very eyes I’ve live a lifetime
I seen her cry tear of joy
I never forget that blessed day
As she gave birth to our baby boy
I seen so much through her eyes
Seen her care, worry always so bright
I could never get lost in them
They always made me feel so right
just looking into her eyes
I’ve experienced every emotion there can be
None could come close
To the joy, the night she married me
We were so young, so in love
The world was full of possibilities
I felt like I could do just about anything
All because of the way she looked at me

It just happens as we get older,
Our vision It just isn’t what it used to be
But still I felt like she had 20/20
Every single time she looked at me
I could feel all the love she had
Gleaming Through those eyes
They Felt like getting hit with
direct sun rays in the middle of July
I hope she felt all of the same love
Staring right back at her
Is she looking down at me from heaven
I can’t help but wonder

I know someday my time will come
And together we will be
I’ll be in heaven once again
When she looks at me

By Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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