I Need you the most

Autumn is when Baby I need you the most/ It gets chilly outside And I want hold you close/ To keep me warm With you by my side/ I’m going to hold you All through the night../ From the flickering flame To and fro the shadows do sway/ They appear to be dancing To the music that does play/ As you pour a glass of wine You ask if I’m alright/ Baby I couldn’t be better On such a perfect night/ I glance out the window To see the stars out tonight/ I feel a over whelming love That has reached a new height/ How can I love you more now Then I possibly did yesterday/ This is it, I can’t love you any more I reached my peak there is no way/ But still, with each passing day My love continues to grow/ How much can I love you I ask but don’t want to know/ Just enjoy this moment now The night will fall and the day will come/ I will both need and love you more For it will Be the second day of Autumn…. By Gary

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