Love (let her)

She love’s you for you, with no question when She kisses, there is no hesitation She talk about you, to anyone who will listens To make you happy is her Mission….   Love, let her… Your best friend she’ll Be Love, let her… Cook, so her love you will eat Love, let her… Be allContinue reading “Love (let her)”

My everything

I don’t know how we got here I wish time, we could rewind All those lost memories I hope that we can find So can we try again Just one more time   How could i, why would I, Ever begin to try to live with out you, is no kinda life   Your myContinue reading “My everything”

Made 4 U

When god created you He made me as your other half. Our love was so meant to be It feels like were a perfect match Words don’t have to be spoken Just a look not even one letter I know just how your feeling And I know how to make it better I will alwaysContinue reading “Made 4 U”