Without You

I’m like a flashlight without the batteriesIt’s like not one branch in the treesThere would be no sun up in the skyI couldn’t live without out you in my life There is no me without youI’d be lost, that’s so trueThere is no me without youReal happiness I’d have no clueThere is no me withoutContinue reading “Without You”

This Sad Heartbreak Song

I’ve been looking for someone in this worldI really thought that one was you girl I’m not naive, I know no one is perfectShe was just about as close as you get She had so many of those things I likedShe knew how to make me feel good inside I thought we were headed forContinue reading “This Sad Heartbreak Song”

Song Covers Through My Eyes

Through my eyes is like it sounds, a look at a band from my point of view. Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine. To do a song cover, I used to believe that it should only be done for special circumstances. Like to honor the artist at a event, to pay tributeContinue reading “Song Covers Through My Eyes”

Paramore Through My Eyes

Paramore has been on the top of my favorite Indy, Rock, Pop, Alternative bands of all time. Hayley Williams not only has her signature, one of a kind voice. She is one hell of a writer and performer. During a Paramore concert you never see her standing in one place for more than a fewContinue reading “Paramore Through My Eyes”