Forever Remember

    As the flame swayed, to and fro on it’s wick..     And wax slow dripped down the candle stick.      The flickering shadow of a couple expressing love to each other.    They were in a new relationship these two young lovers.      Soft music filled the air as they danced soContinue reading “Forever Remember”



By Gary Agurries you are more than a face to me… you are more crucial than the air I breath your in every thought i think.. so living without you, is not a possibility cause your everything, everything that makes who I am. into me cause your the only thing, only thing that i haveContinue reading “U_R”

Musical Talent 2 Pay Attention 2..

Brought to Me By You / By Gary Agurries **Requested by readers, followers, friends and all and including my social networking sites. Thanks to all for your feed back I realized that when it comes down to music there are genres and categories. But not to many stay with in there given perimeters, including both Fans andContinue reading “Musical Talent 2 Pay Attention 2..”

What she wants (is nothing that she gets)

She said she wants a love.. A love like no other. But she keeps picking ,The same kinda guy.. one after another. She has to know Know right from the start… Shes only going to end up with, Another broken heart..   All of her prayers and dreams And hopes for the best.. In realityContinue reading “What she wants (is nothing that she gets)”


She got intimate with me.. she told me all her hopes and dreams.. she let me in, she kept on telling she had nothing to hide, I took a tour of her life.. and she was the emotional tour guide. I held her her close, she just spoke as we cuddled on the floor.. ItContinue reading “Intimate.”

One More Chance

You made my heart tingle again, you revived it, I still can’t believe It had been shattered, stepped on and let down, and watched love just leave… It had been hurt time and time again, I didn’t want it to feel. But you showed me that true love exists, it’s out there…. it’s definitely realContinue reading “One More Chance”

Love (let her)

She love’s you for you, with no question when She kisses, there is no hesitation She talk about you, to anyone who will listens To make you happy is her Mission….   Love, let her… Your best friend she’ll Be Love, let her… Cook, so her love you will eat Love, let her… Be allContinue reading “Love (let her)”

My everything

I don’t know how we got here I wish time, we could rewind All those lost memories I hope that we can find So can we try again Just one more time   How could i, why would I, Ever begin to try to live with out you, is no kinda life   Your myContinue reading “My everything”

After…happily ever

Another lonely night,…and you run though my mind I wonder if we could  go back…travel back into time And we’d still be it was supposed to be. We were perfect for each other,..a timeless love in history But i must have not meant that you meant to me. Or you never would haveContinue reading “After…happily ever”