In this very moment as I stand here and look at youYour not the same person that I thought I knew We got lost, talked and slowly your walls faded awayIt’s as if.. time had stopped for us, it was just you and me This was the start of something magicalI know it was so,Continue reading “Magical”


Not Supposed To Be

What do you do when you find something, you were never supposed to find. When all my thoughts of you, were never supposed to ever cross my mind. When we were never supposed to be a possibility, of anything and everything that is possible. We were never supposed to meet, our paths were not supposedContinue reading “Not Supposed To Be”

Going Out Of My Mind

    I’m going out of my mind Even though you not even here I can feel you smothering Me with those eyes. You have yet to say one word, The anticipation makes my ears cry I can’t help but to feel like i’m suffocating  With each and every breath you make Oh how IContinue reading “Going Out Of My Mind”

You And Me, Just Memories

  You messaged me and we haven’t seen each other in a while. I start laughing, you could always make me smile. We’re apart not because of this social distancing thing. I gotta be careful, cause my heart is emotionally reminiscing. It’s been forever, such a long long time. So why are these feelings so freshContinue reading “You And Me, Just Memories”

I choose you

You came in and took away those dark, dark Sky’s..You made my world seem so shinny and bright.Can’t help but see our future, when I look into your eyes.Your the one I want to, come home to for the rest of my life.I know I can’t be wrong. This just feel oh so right.If IContinue reading “I choose you”


1st Verse: It’s been years, and I’m still sitting here Trying to piece my self together Waiting for these clouds to clear When do I start, to feel  better I’m beginning to believe I’ll never know happiness again From the day I lost you my true love, and best friend. Pre Chorus: I can’t explainContinue reading “Why”


I dreamed of a blissful love, couldn’t wait for the day… And when I finely found it, I had it all ripped away All my hopes and dreams, came crashing down on me.. I was broken-hearted, I was such a fool to believe That love would last forever,would stand the test of time.. I wasContinue reading “Fool”

Bionic Electronic

“   I love all kinds of different genres of music, from a jazzy fusion , hip hop , to all funky riff, even the hardest rock you can get. But there are a few artists that have put out hit after hit.  I was wondering if there was a formula, in creating all theseContinue reading “Bionic Electronic”

I Believe

        She is still so, stunning As the day we first meet She still get my heart going And can still make me sweat She still the most beautiful Thing I’ve ever seen She’s all I’ve ever wanted She’s all I’ll ever need She’s what I live for She’s the air IContinue reading “I Believe”