Against The Current – Through My Eyes

Against The Current has been one of my favorite bands from their covers on YouTube to their start of original material. I was so very impressed by the content of their songs and the way it was written. Chrissy Costanza was so young and wrote so poetically, she can write very very well. I recalledContinue reading “Against The Current – Through My Eyes”

Kiiara – Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes Its just what it says, a look at an artist from my point of view. Every one has their own opinion and this is mine. Kiiara blew me away the very first time I heard her. The song Gold made me want to hear more from this brand new artist that tookContinue reading “Kiiara – Through My Eyes”

Dev – Through My Eyes

It’s just what it says through My Eyes, is a look at an artists from my point of view. Every one has their opinion, this is mine. Dev she is and was an artist, way before her time. She has been laying down sweet vocals and spiting mad rhymes over the some of the bestContinue reading “Dev – Through My Eyes”

As December Falls – Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes is just how it sounds, a look at artists Through My Eyes. Everyone has their own opinion, and this is mine. What can be said about this band in a few words.. Energy, Preserving, Talented, Real, Great People. I recall coming across one of their videos about 5 years ago and IContinue reading “As December Falls – Through My Eyes”

Carly Rae Jepsen – Through My Eyes

Through My Eye’s is just what it says , a look at the artist from my point of view. Everyone has their opinion, and this is mine. Carly has had so much success with a number of songs, one being the most downloaded song ever. Call Me Maybe is no doubt a great song, butContinue reading “Carly Rae Jepsen – Through My Eyes”