Not Gone Just Busy

I’m still here, just had things to get together I try and try to make each year better and better I enjoy all the projects I create for myself I get overwhelmed doing them all with no help It’s a lot, and I Invision so much,but I don’t mind All though I know it’s beenContinue reading “Not Gone Just Busy”


Wish Come True

I finally realized that your going to beThat special someone but not for me I can imagine you with the biggest smileAs you look at him coming down the aisle You deserve to have a wonderful lifeI always knew you’d make an amazing wife All the times I pictured you oh so happyI just didn’tContinue reading “Wish Come True”

Do You Remember (Stopping Loving Me)

Do you remember, the moment you truly fell out of love Did you just decide one day or did you just give it up I just wonder how it all happened, we were so happy for so long Then out of the blue you changed, I knew something was wrong To say the least IContinue reading “Do You Remember (Stopping Loving Me)”