Babyface Through My Eyes

Through my eyes is just like it sounds, a look at an artist from my point of view. Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine. Kenneth Babyface Edmond, has been a big influence on my love of music and my Writing. I first came to know Babyface as part of a Group namedContinue reading “Babyface Through My Eyes”

New Music Rock Block

As you know if you follow me that both As December Falls and Against The Current, both bands I just adore so much. I found their music at about the same time and have seen them grow and become not only great musicians but amazing people as well. They both have new music out. evanescenceContinue reading “New Music Rock Block”

New Music Country Collection

There was a lot of new country to be released, right after or days before the CMA’s. Kelsea Bellarini, Maddie & Tae, Taylor Swift with Maren Morris, Renee Blair, Mackenzie Porter, and Lady A. New face in country as well, with Lissie, Ingrid Andress, Hailey Whitters and Amy Shark. Just the perfect amount of newContinue reading “New Music Country Collection”

New Music And Faces Pop Block

This past couple of weeks there has been a lot of new good music dropped. Some of my favorites like Julia Michaels, her song is just why I love her mind, she’s amazing. Same with Upshal and Dev they both are a few other writers/artists. I think you can see a pattern of the artist’sContinue reading “New Music And Faces Pop Block”

Michael Jackson ” The King Of Pop” Though My Eyes

Through my eyes is just like it sounds, a look at an artist through my eyes. Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine. Since I could remember, I was singing songs from Michael Jackson. My mother listened to motown, as I would listened and danced along with her. The Jackson 5 stood outContinue reading “Michael Jackson ” The King Of Pop” Though My Eyes”

Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock, or Party Rock in the late 90’s I believe to be the evolution of Grunge music. It had the same punk, hard guitar riffs, it just didn’t have any deep message. The dark sound turned to party anthems and comical lyrics. Green Day, Offspring, Good Chorolett and a lot more bands did aContinue reading “Alternative Rock”

Tainted Love ReMixXx / Revised

I mixed this on Band-labs and shared on Youtube, and shared here. I like the version for one and I was testing the compatibility between all social media I’m apart of. But I was using a song I love and by many artists in different genres. Made me curious of how a song could beContinue reading “Tainted Love ReMixXx / Revised”

Under-rated And Overlooked

This is a list of Artist’s that I feel don’t get the recognition they deserve. They Write their songs and other artist’s songs. They can sing just as good as anyone. But yet I usually have to keep telling people who’s song I’m playing. Or they have even did a Tic-Toc video to one ofContinue reading “Under-rated And Overlooked”