The Way You Love Me

I’m racing home for your touchI can’t seem to get to you fast enoughIts you all day long I been thinking ofAll I want is to feel your loveI just want to see your beautiful faceI want to feel your warm embraceYour sexy lips, I can’t wait to tasteYour eyes they take me to anotherContinue reading “The Way You Love Me”


Where Is The Love Of My Life

When I fall, I fall hardIt no wonderSo many scars on my hartSome deeper than othersWe all look for loveFinding it is amazingBut when you lose itSo much pain it bringsI want my next loveTo be the very lastI want a forever loveIs that too much to askI’ve loved and lostI learned from my mistakesHowContinue reading “Where Is The Love Of My Life”

Babyface Through My Eyes

Through my eyes is just like it sounds, a look at an artist from my point of view. Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine. Kenneth Babyface Edmond, has been a big influence on my love of music and my Writing. I first came to know Babyface as part of a Group namedContinue reading “Babyface Through My Eyes”