Love Songs Though My Eyes (oldies)

Through my eyes it’s just like it sounds, a look at artists from my point of view. Everyone has their own opinion, and this is mine. I guess a few of my last love song posts could be considered oldies since they were 20 plus years old. But these are the songs I grew upContinue reading “Love Songs Though My Eyes (oldies)”


Things I’ll Do For You

I’ll come in lastTo put you firstI’ll take the hitsSo you never hurt I’ll give you the dayFor a piece of your nightI wright the wrongSo you can always be right I’ll take it very slowYou can set the paceI will follow by your sideSo never have to chase I’ll tell you everythingSo you neverContinue reading “Things I’ll Do For You”

It’s That Easy

I can’t help it but wishWe didn’t fight and we stayed together.It was a long shot we’d be forever,Because realistically I know betterIt’s not fair running around with youWhile I have someone waitingI have to think of her first, I doBecause she truly wants me I don’t know what to doI can’t say no toContinue reading “It’s That Easy”

Similarly Opposite In Common

It’s crazy how we can be so alike and so different.We conversed for hours, I like to talk and she likes to listen. How can it be that we’re the same but yet so very opposite.We love the mountains but she’d rather stay in a hotel, and me in a tent. We’re both have hadContinue reading “Similarly Opposite In Common”

Happy 4th Of July

The sun goes down we’re readyNervous cause of the angel next to meShe smiles and my hand she holdsJust then she began to really glowIt might of been from the holiday showSo beautiful whatever it was thoughAs fireworks light up the nightThere’s a chill so she holds me tightThrough her eyes reflection I seeThis hereContinue reading “Happy 4th Of July”

Wish Come True

I finally realized that your going to beThat special someone but not for me I can imagine you with the biggest smileAs you look at him coming down the aisle You deserve to have a wonderful lifeI always knew you’d make an amazing wife All the times I pictured you oh so happyI just didn’tContinue reading “Wish Come True”

Miss Understood

She has a good heart I just know itShe does care, just doesn’t show itBeen jaded by other guys, I can seeShe don’t trust, one day she’ll trust meI’ll get through that wall she has built upShowing her everyday I’m good enoughThey say she’s just a big waste of timeI think She’s worth all theContinue reading “Miss Understood”