True Love?

    By Gary Agurries When I was younger there was so many things I used to believe. And then I outgrew all The childhood  wonder and mystery. I thought every I knew now. was the real thing far as I could see. But I overlooked one thing I had faith in.. I was … Continue reading True Love?

Poetic Heartbeat

      A rhythmic pounding, Starts deep within my soul The beat has such magic It has more power than we know The beacon of sound Is played for all kind of lover It call out to someone That make them look for and discover To whose heartbeat is in sync And matches their … Continue reading Poetic Heartbeat

Paint You A Picture

      By Gary Agurries   I want to create something, Breathtaking beautiful and it makes you think Like a vivant sunrise I’d use red, yellow, orange and a splash of pink Then the early shadows of some Billowy summer time type clouds I’d give them such full and fluffy shape Maybe some gray, blue … Continue reading Paint You A Picture

Cause Of You..

  By Gary Agurries I can't stay on my feet, This feeling keeps knocking me down. I’m falling for you girl, I can’t find the ground. My whole world has been turned around I don't know up from down. Can’t get the words out My tongue is tied… I stand here with my mouth open And … Continue reading Cause Of You..

What Day Is It?

By Gary Agurries What day is it Has nothing to do with us. I give my baby a token, Of my appreciation just because. She’s too special to take suggestion's from a calendar. She gets birthday cake on any monday, And any given day flowers. She makes me want to be romantic And to show … Continue reading What Day Is It?

What Did It Take To Make You.

    I can imagine all the  ingredients that make you into who you are. First it have to be Butter and sugar, no Substitute for your so sweet and real for sure. It  Definetly  has a splash of confidence, a generous helping of intellect. Along with the biggest heart,  cooked slowly, so you were let to … Continue reading What Did It Take To Make You.

Nothing’s Better

I have the Love of My Life. I have some one who treats me so right. I have all ever needed it just feels so right. I have all I will ever need with her bu my side. you are just what I need. Its you that makes me so happy. You are to my … Continue reading Nothing’s Better

Let’s Forget

Baby it’s beginning to snow outside, you know I want you to stay the night. Honey thats your second glass of wine, we lost track... its like we forgot about time. But beside all that.. it just feel so right, the way you look in these twinkle lights I couldnt ask for a more perfect … Continue reading Let’s Forget

Mistletoe Magic

    Lump in my throat , hands are sweaty.. My heart beat, is anything but steady.. Puckered lips, eyes start to close - she is ready.. I try to move in, but my nerves just won’t let me.. Then all of a sudden, I was on auto control. Forces leaned me forward, ever so … Continue reading Mistletoe Magic

My Someday Girl

By Gary Agurries There she is again, I wonder if she'll ever notice me.. I try to get her attention, but I'm something she doesn't see... I do so many thing for her , but I do them  anomalously... she has to know I love her, this has been going on since I was three.. … Continue reading My Someday Girl