My Paper Heart

So many transformationsThrough all of these yearsSo many good times, momentsAnd not all were sad tearsBut still I only show youWhat I allow you to seeIt takes time and effortTo know the real meI can show you a sparklingVibrant heart of loveYou won’t see the holes, marksAnd where it’s all beat upI can decorate itContinue reading “My Paper Heart”

L Devine Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes is just like it says, its a look at an artist through my eyes. Every one has their own opinion and this is mine. L Devine I, have been following for a few years now. I love her style and her attitude. She does her music her way and does it veryContinue reading “L Devine Through My Eyes”

The Beautiful Colors Of Music

For quite some time now, I said I see colors when I listen to music. That is so true now more than ever today, a lot of my favorite artists have went the color route with their hair. As each and every one of them look as amazing as they sound. Color Brings to mindContinue reading “The Beautiful Colors Of Music”

Sounds You Need to check Out

First on my List Is Kiiara’s Liil Kiiwi. She came out the gate with a banger in Gold, she hasn’t been getting the love that she deserives. One hell of a vocalist and I love her mind, she writes very well. Her song lryics come at You from every direction, I can’t praise this talentedContinue reading “Sounds You Need to check Out”