Have A Great Day

Embrace you sparkle

Don’t let them shade your shine

If you color all over and outside

Expand your lines

You are what makes you special

A one of a kind original

So don’t let them tell you no

It’s your life your in control

So let your dreams flourish

And make them true

No one else is going to do it

It all up to you

So make your today be the 

Continuation of greatness

Have a great day and 

Don’t ever settle for anything less.

By Gary Agurries


Not Gone Just Busy

I’m still here, just had things to get together

I try and try to make each year better and better

I enjoy all the projects I create for myself

I get overwhelmed doing them all with no help

It’s a lot, and I Invision so much,but I don’t mind

All though I know it’s been taking up all my time

But once Again Halloween, is approaching rapidly

So like I said I’m not gone, I’ve just been busy.

By Gary Agurries

These are a few of my Halloween Builds this year


I did something dumb today,
Something I said I’d never do
My mind started to drift away
And I started thinking about you
I don’t know what happened
One though lead to the next
And before you know it
I began to reminisce

Thinking about times
That I shouldn’t be
Feeling came back
Stirring up inside of me
All of those things
I tried to suppress
All came rushing back
Once I started to reminisce

I thought I was well over this
For you, I started to miss
Why the hell did I reminisce
Once again I hunger for your kiss
And all those things that we did
All because I started to reminisce

I try not to think about it
But it’s so hard after I did
I try to occupy my time
But I just can’t seem to focus
Memories in the back of my mind
Hide away so wouldn’t feel like this
Oh God why oh why
Did I have to reminisce?

By Gary Agurries

Your Poison Kisses

It’s like I’ve never known before
I knew I Wanted something more
I didn’t know what I was looking for
Was it real I don’t really even know
It’s funny how You played it so
It’s like you must of done this before
You were convincing what a show
Before I know you’re out the door
So tempting, can’t resist
I still think of your poison kiss
I can’t be mad I asked for this
I went in for your poison kiss
hypnotized my mind in a mist
I’m a fool for your poison kiss
I still taste you all over my lips
Damn how I want your poison kisses

By Gary Agurries


It getting late darling what did you have on your mind
I’m not trying to rush you, but we’re wasting so much time
Let me just take control, I know what your gonna like
I can’t take it anymore baby I just want to love you right
I can’t make any kind of promises, of how it’s gonna be
I just go with it baby I let the moment take over me
So Just you lay back baby and I’ll get you in the mood
That’s the only thing That I know for sure, I’m gonna do to you

Just put you body in my hand
We don’t have any plans
Let’s let our instincts kick in
Animalistic love over and over again
Let let our insects guide us tonight
I instinctively want you all the time.
It Maybe love making passion
Or spankings and hair pulling.
It doesn’t matter what it is gonna be
As long as we do it instinctively.

By Gary Agurries

I Hope

I hope you never hear a song that makes your heartache
I hope you never question all the decisions that you make
I hope you never agonize about why you weren’t enough
I hope you never feel the pain of knowing and then losing love
That’s just something I never want you to have to go through
Those are all the things that I had to indore over losing you
It hurt so bad I’d never want anyone to feel that pain
I hope you never ever get your heart broken and feel this way.
All that I hoped for you it comes from a surreal place
I hope this was all for something worth it someday.

By Gary Agurries

Crystal Clear Confusion

I’m here underwater standing at the edge of this steep cliff
I don’t know what to do, should I jump or should I swim
I’m at the end of my rope, between a rock and a hard place
I’m barely hanging here in this remodeled confined space
The writing is on the wall yet I crumble it up and throw it away
I wrote down everything you need to hear and all I can’t say
This beautiful disappointment is nothing more than a certain illusion
I’ve never been more sure than I am now, in this crystal clear confusion

By Gary Agurries

In The Details

Her beauty is in the details
I see the beauty she has inside
She’s not afraid to fail
All her flaws she’ll never hide
She’s comfortable in who she is
That make her so desirable
She grabs my face when we kiss
She has a pretty face but a beautiful soul
I study her in every way
She gets more beautiful day after day
She has such a kind heart
And as fun as all that can be
She has a brain, she’s very smart
And she had the best personality
She Always does her hair and nail
She’s so beautiful, it’s all in the details.

By Gary Agurries

Moving On Without You

How can I miss something so much

That was never ever mine

Even though we weren’t together

We were together all the time

We would laugh and joke then 

we’d begun to fight and disagree

We’d be upset for a few hours

And you’d be laughing again at me

I always believed 

We were destined for each other

I had hoped and dreamed

That we would end up together

But it’s seems that forever 

Is taking too long

Doesn’t look like we’ll be together

So we must just move on

Moving on without you

Is killing me inside

It’s not what I wanted to do

I never got a chance to even try

Moving on without you

Is something I never in a 

million years thought I’d do

Yet here I’m get ready to¬†

Start moving on without you

Before I go there is something 

That I really don’t understand

I’ve been there and done for you

More than all and any other man

I thought you were thinking same as me

And I was cemented in your future planes

Yet it never seemed to be the right time

You never ever even gave me a chance

Moving on without you

Is killing me inside

It’s not what I wanted to do

I never got a chance to even try

Moving on without you

Is something I never in a 

million years thought I’d do

Yet here i’am get ready to 

Start moving on without you

By Gary Agurries