Drum Practice & Playalong

Me letting you in on a glimpse of how I spend hours upon hours of my day. Having fun learning, getting better and having fun.




I’ve seen her smile and look down as if she was so shy

I’ve seen her smile, laughing having the time of her life

I’ve see her smile, and would use it as a disguise

I’ve seen her smile looking up hold back the tears in her eyes

For her so much to handle, I guess life has taken it’s toll

Because I don’t ever see her smile, for anything anymore

By Gary Agurries

One Day I’ll Get It Right

let me tell you when it comes to love
I’ve had my share of ups and downs
yet I still believe out there is someone
I’ve searched but haven’t found
I’m patiently waiting I’m more than ready
how much longer must I wait
I’ve payed my dues, I would say
been through the butterfly and heartbreak

we all have had our hearts broken
we thought it was love, it was nothing
I just know way deep down inside

that one day I’ll get it right
I know one day soon in my life
that I gonna get it right…..
I know
that one day I’ll get it right
someday soon maybe not tonight
I just know I’m gonna get it right
I know, I know I know
that one day I’ll get it right

By Gary Agurries

You Look Better As You /A Look Through My Eyes

Have you ever had someone tell you where to go, how to dress, how to act, and like what you don’t. Well that’s the case with this Artist, as a child they had such an amazing singing voice it caught the eye on the Ellen, and Oprah show. The artist I’m talking about was Charice. Inside this little person tiny frame was a voice I’ve heard like no other. So strong, so big and so very good, I became intreagud. Later I heard more of this amazing talents voice, even had a song written by my hero Bruno Mars. There were so many career highlights, singing with Celine Dion in concert as a child. Performing at fight night in front of the great Mahmoud Ali, was on the TV show Glee, and so many more.

But from the publics eyes once your a star you have made it. You have everything your living out your dream. But in reality if you are not being true to your self and no matter how much talent, it shows. The people that put their real self’s out there, we relate with them. If we can relate or feel what they are going through then we embrace them. But what if we don’t know what they are going through and never will. As humans can’t we still feel compassion and understanding. That’s a question I posse to the world, if I don’t know how it feels to not be myself, how can I relate. I can’t but I can see where their coming from and know that it’s not right to have to live a lie and hide your true self from the world.

That’s the case with this Artist that had their father murdered while on tour, told that they couldn’t love the person they loved. Told to wear cloths that made them feel uncomfortable on stage in front of thousands even million viewers. And the worst is don’t be you, be what the people want you to be. Can you imagine trying to deal with that, most of us wouldn’t last a day. This Amazing person did for most of their life. To say it was hard, is an understatement.

Supposedly this Clip was hours after a suicide attempt, had to be brought back to a life – that wasn’t wanted. Been teetering on the verge of death for hours. Vomiting up blood, hurting inside and out, feeling so much sadness. And told to get it together to put on a show. This wasn’t the first just one of many suicide attempts.

This is that same amazing talent now, happier. Still has to deal with so much negativity, his family won’t even acknowledge him. And so scared to be them self. How can you relate you probably, most definitely can’t. But you can have so sense of compassion and see the music in their heart. I was so afraid that I’d had heard this voice for the last time years ago. I truly was brought to tears hearing about all the torment for liking women and was bullied on the internet about looks. I was brought to those same tears, but now of joy know he was married, and for once he is himself. But the biggest thing to bring me to tears was, hearing that voice again. Not only hearing but feeling and relating to it. Because he was whole and the person he was from the beginning. His name is Jake Zyrus and he has had one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard and I hope you agree with me.

I hope Jake has a huge singing career ahead of him, but if not I know he’ll be ok because he is finally living life as himself. I’m still amazed by that voice and I’m still so very proud of this talented, brave human being. Thank you for visiting my page, I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a. Blessed day and remember to be nothing more than who you are.

By Gary Agurries

Is She The One

She’s so special and she don’t know
She’s beautiful inside and out and amazing from head to toe

She all I’ve ever wanted and so much more
I searched high and low She the all of the things that I’ve been looking for

I can barely contain myself I’m so ready to lose control, I’ve never felt this way ever before

I’m sure I want all of her love and so much more, how do I tell her without making her run for the door

How do I know,
if this feeling is mutual
How can I be sure,
she’s all I’ve been looking for

Is she the one
The one that will forever be
The only one that’s made for me
Is she the one
I’m supposed to spend my life with
Is she the mother of my kids
Is she the one
I guess Only time will tell
I’m betting she is by the way I feel
Is she the one
I don’t want to waste this opportunity
She has to be the one for me.


In the beginning We didn’t have much
We did need anything just had us
Never in a hurry, never in a rush
So There would always time for us
There was no drama, never a fuss
It was so easy for us just to be us
All our feelings and when we touch
It was always special meant for just us
Hold you in my arms, I could feel love
It didn’t get any better being simply us
We fit together like a hand and glove
That’s what made it so special being us
I could stay away I need you so much
Get lost in eachother when it’s just us
No question In your love I could trust
The best part of me has to be us

By Gary Agurries

Watch “Halloween Prop Build 2021” on YouTube

This is my Halloween Decorations Build for the last 7 weeks been working on all these props for the yard. So I set it to a mix I sliced and diced to add to my video/slide show. Hope you enjoy it, thank you for visiting my page.

By Gary Agurries

Halloween Songs Through My eyes

This is a compiled list of favorite Halloween party songs. It’s hard to have dance songs about creepy things. theses are the ones that did and they did it very well.

Rockwell – Somebody’s watching Me. I always wondered why Michael Jackson sang the chorus, on this song with such a catch hook. The answer is Rockwell is Berry Gordy’s (Mr Motown) son. So Michael Did it as a favor for Berry and I’m so glad he did. I love this song every year Halloween comes around this song comes out of the archives.

Becky G – Problems. This Song for a kids movie, they put Will I am in it with at the time a hot rising star in Becky G. It was a monster of a song that’s for sure. has that Will I am beat to it and Becky’s beautiful singing voice and her rapping ability is scary good.

Against The Current – Voices. this song was a different direction on there past lives album. Non the less has become a Halloween staple for my playlist. There is northing creepy about them just have such horrifying talent.

Mia Rodriguez – Psycho. This is one of the newer songs to make my list. she is such a talent and love her dark sense of humor. This song is to be on not only my Halloween playlist but my stranger things playlist. So good it’s psycho.

Night Club – Candy Coated Suicide. I like night club for being different and dark, so it only makes sense that I’d have one of their twisted songs on my list. Either way they are one of my go to bands when I’m looking to cleanse my pallet. They never disappoint so perfect for a Halloween party.

Icon For Hire – Off with her head. They are one of my favorites and I love this song all year long. It’s no trick its one of my treats. They just kick ass, from the music to the thought provoking lyrics. And if you read any of my other reviews I’m big on lyrics, Aril never lets me down.

Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits, I don’t know if its the video or just has a dark under tone to it. But its also not only a Halloween song for me, I have this song on a few of my playlists. Ed keeps coming out and reinventing his style yet so familiar in his voice. Not having Bad Habits on your Halloween list is the only thing that could be bad about this song.

Taylor Swift – Blank Spaces. You’d think Look What You Made Me Do would be the T Swift choice for a Halloween song. This song freaks me out, I’ve actually dated a few girls like this. It’s like she seen my list of all my dates in 2017. this is still a creepy song with a catchy toon, as long as catchy isn’t catching me.

Michael Jackson – Thriller. Halloween Classic hands down, it was made for Halloween. I heard a interview with Rod Tempton and he talked about Quincy Jones asking him to write not only a rap for Vincent Price but the subject matter was not something Rod was expecting. But being as great as he was he knocked it out the park with Vincent’s rap. It’s just a great all around put together song and album.

Chipmunks – Witch Doctor. This was my first favorite Halloween song and still is to this day. I used to listen to it at my family’s restaurant when I was 5 years old. forcing the cooks to have to hear this song for hours. I’d rewind the cassette over and over for this song. its a true classic and has a special place in my heart.

Hope you enjoyed My list this year I could of gone on and on, but a top 10 seemed right. let me know of some of your Favorite Halloween songs. Thank you for visiting my page I really do appreciate each and every one of you.

By Gary Agurries

Because Of Love

Can’t hide Heartbroken stains on my soul

Crumbling confidence, fragile and brittle 

Paralyzing fear to try at love again

Trust? paranoid, dissecting conversations 

Dehydrated hope and amputated dreams

Midnight roadside, burying my feelings

Critical condition, just pulled the plug

And all this was,  Because of  Love

By Gary Agurries

The Way She Looked At Me

I can remember the first time I seen her
I got of work and I was a mess
She had a double take figure
Held together in a baby blue sundress
I just couldn’t take my eyes off her
I was wanting to see to the rest
Then she turned and gave such a smile
And still today it leaves me breathless
I loved the way her curly locks bounced
As she flipped her perfect hair
Then like a freight train
She hit hit me with her heavenly stare

Something in her bright eyes
Couldn’t look away I was mesmerized
I couldn’t move, she had me paralyzed
Those magical eyes had me hypnotized

I knew it, there was no mystery
It was the way she looked at me
I felt I’m where I’m supposed to be
Because of the way she looked at me

In those very eyes I’ve live a lifetime
I seen her cry tear of joy
I never forget that blessed day
As she gave birth to our baby boy
I seen so much through her eyes
Seen her care, worry always so bright
I could never get lost in them
They always made me feel so right
just looking into her eyes
I’ve experienced every emotion there can be
None could come close
To the joy, the night she married me
We were so young, so in love
The world was full of possibilities
I felt like I could do just about anything
All because of the way she looked at me

It just happens as we get older,
Our vision It just isn’t what it used to be
But still I felt like she had 20/20
Every single time she looked at me
I could feel all the love she had
Gleaming Through those eyes
They Felt like getting hit with
direct sun rays in the middle of July
I hope she felt all of the same love
Staring right back at her
Is she looking down at me from heaven
I can’t help but wonder

I know someday my time will come
And together we will be
I’ll be in heaven once again
When she looks at me

By Gary Agurries