My Music Top List Of 2020

this is my music list of 2020. Songs 76 thru 100 (5 of 5) Griffin and Carly Rea Jepson – OMG. Griffin is on fire this year making his mark in the music industry. And with the pop Queen, Carly Rea Jepson is so good at what she does and thats every thing. Dj KhaledContinue reading “My Music Top List Of 2020”


Pleasures, Treasures, & I have Nevers

Guilty pleasures, hidden treasures, beyond no measures, and I would of nevers. these are some videos that I found searching around YouTube. I like getting out of my normal search algorithm’s and look for things other than what the computer program suggests for me. I really like doing this and find some artists that IContinue reading “Pleasures, Treasures, & I have Nevers”

The Beautiful Colors Of Music

For quite some time now, I said I see colors when I listen to music. That is so true now more than ever today, a lot of my favorite artists have went the color route with their hair. As each and every one of them look as amazing as they sound. Color Brings to mindContinue reading “The Beautiful Colors Of Music”

Bionic Electronic

“   I love all kinds of different genres of music, from a jazzy fusion , hip hop , to all funky riff, even the hardest rock you can get. But there are a few artists that have put out hit after hit.  I was wondering if there was a formula, in creating all theseContinue reading “Bionic Electronic”