Yummy Gummy Kisses

She has those cotton candy eyes and juicy starburst lips…. She had smarties on her mind, it made her hard to resist… She so sweet, and that’s for sure…. I fell like, a kid in a candy store.. And when we touched, I got a sugar rush… She’s so delicious,  i can’t get enough… IsContinue reading “Yummy Gummy Kisses”

Being Lonely

 By Gary Agurries In my arms, I want some one to hold a body to lay next to, now that it’s getting  cold.. I want some one to ask, how did your day go to compliment her, always telling her that shes is so beautiful.. I wanta listen to all her stories. and she’d laughContinue reading “Being Lonely”

X-Mas Songs – My Fav’s

Well it’s that time of season and yes I have a list of Christmas Songs that I have to listen to. They get me into the holiday mood. I used to work in a grocery store and this time of year they would pipe Christmas music. would annoy the hell out of me and myContinue reading “X-Mas Songs – My Fav’s”

Forever Remember

    As the flame swayed, to and fro on it’s wick..     And wax slow dripped down the candle stick.      The flickering shadow of a couple expressing love to each other.    They were in a new relationship these two young lovers.      Soft music filled the air as they danced soContinue reading “Forever Remember”


By Gary Agurries you are more than a face to me… you are more crucial than the air I breath your in every thought i think.. so living without you, is not a possibility cause your everything, everything that makes who I am. into me cause your the only thing, only thing that i haveContinue reading “U_R”

Musical Talent 2 Pay Attention 2..

Brought to Me By You / By Gary Agurries **Requested by readers, followers, friends and all and including my social networking sites. Thanks to all for your feed back I realized that when it comes down to music there are genres and categories. But not to many stay with in there given perimeters, including both Fans andContinue reading “Musical Talent 2 Pay Attention 2..”