Your Poison Kisses

It’s like I’ve never known beforeI knew I Wanted something moreI didn’t know what I was looking forWas it real I don’t really even knowIt’s funny how You played it soIt’s like you must of done this beforeYou were convincing what a showBefore I know you’re out the doorSo tempting, can’t resistI still think ofContinue reading “Your Poison Kisses”

I Hope

I hope you never hear a song that makes your heartacheI hope you never question all the decisions that you makeI hope you never agonize about why you weren’t enoughI hope you never feel the pain of knowing and then losing loveThat’s just something I never want you to have to go throughThose are allContinue reading “I Hope”

Moving On Without You

How can I miss something so much That was never ever mine Even though we weren’t together We were together all the time We would laugh and joke then  we’d begun to fight and disagree We’d be upset for a few hours And you’d be laughing again at me I always believed  We were destinedContinue reading “Moving On Without You”

Why Can’t She See

She Doesn’t See She could have the world if she wantedAll that make you beautiful she’s got itSo smart except when it comes to loveI can’t sit and take it enough is enoughWhy can’t she find one that has it togetherA man that could make her life betterInstead they are just ruining her lifeWhen it’sContinue reading “Why Can’t She See”

Foolishly Hoping

I would have been anything you wanted me too Little did I know I was already playing the part of a fool You made me feel like you actually wanted me around It was so funny to you , I must of look like a clown Only wanted me when you wanted something from meContinue reading “Foolishly Hoping”

Wait For Her Response

Hey Girl how are youhow was your dayThat’s usually somethingI would say She say It was goodhow was yoursThen we would chatfor hours and hours Talking about anythingand everythingIm a private personso I don’t mind sharing It’s getting lateI’m gonna have to let you goBut before I dothere’s something have to know I pause andContinue reading “Wait For Her Response”

This Sad Heartbreak Song

I’ve been looking for someone in this worldI really thought that one was you girl I’m not naive, I know no one is perfectShe was just about as close as you get She had so many of those things I likedShe knew how to make me feel good inside I thought we were headed forContinue reading “This Sad Heartbreak Song”