Your Poison Kisses

It's like I've never known beforeI knew I Wanted something moreI didn't know what I was looking forWas it real I don't really even knowIt's funny how You played it soIt's like you must of done this beforeYou were convincing what a showBefore I know you're out the doorSo tempting, can't resistI still think of … Continue reading Your Poison Kisses


It getting late darling what did you have on your mindI'm not trying to rush you, but we're wasting so much timeLet me just take control, I know what your gonna likeI can't take it anymore baby I just want to love you rightI can't make any kind of promises, of how it's gonna beI … Continue reading Instinctively

Wait For Her Response

Hey Girl how are youhow was your dayThat's usually somethingI would say She say It was goodhow was yoursThen we would chatfor hours and hours Talking about anythingand everythingIm a private personso I don't mind sharing It's getting lateI'm gonna have to let you goBut before I dothere's something have to know I pause and … Continue reading Wait For Her Response