Always There For You

When you need I’m there, for you
That just something I always do
If I need you’d be there, I assumed
I was so wrong, I should of knew

You call and I’m on my way
All the favors, I thought you’d repay (someday)
it seemed like you gave a damn about me
But your never there when I’m in need (my self esteem has taken a beating)

If it’s broke, I’ll repair it
If I have one, I’ll share it
If it’s cold, my coat you wear it
I just thought you gave a shit

I guess I care enough for two
Because I can’t count on you
Pretending is just what you do
You’re not there for me, yet I’m
Always there for you

I’m always there for you
There’s nothing I won’t do
I’m there when you’re in need
Why can’t you be there for me

Why, I haven’t got a clue
Still I’m always there for you
For whatever you need me to do
I’m always there for you

By Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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