Christmas Songs Through My Eyes

Everyone has their very own opinion and this is mine. Here is a look at Songs From my point of view. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Its Christmas Time and Time for my Christmas Review. I know it’s late I usually post this right after Thanksgiving. But this year I haven’t been feeling Christmas, I’ll put on my smile and give you the best Christmas list I’ve ever posted

Ariana Grande has taken over as the queen of Christmas with 3 appearances on my list. One with the queen she dethroned Mariah Carey.

This is New and Past Christmas Queens singing with Jennifer Hudson ( one of my favorites from Idol)

Brittany always has to be in the top three, I love this song.

New to the list, but not new to my absolute favorites of all times Carley Rea Jepsen. I love this song as much as I do her and this song is halairious.

This song from Becky G and Lindsey Sterling is becoming a Christmas classic. It’s part of my tradition.

Lucy Hale has a definite classic with this song. Been on my list for so many years.

Fifth Harmony sing not just like Mariah but a Mariah song. And the do it justice for sure.

Justin Bieber has been on my list for awhile now and I think it’s permanent on my list.

Christina has such a voice that I did like this song sung by a male voice. I said did..

Kelly and Ariana go together so well that I think this song will be on the list for some time to come.

Dan & Shay make their debut on the list as well, good song.

Leona still on the list with her retro classic Christmas song.

Ava Max if you follow my blog you know I love Ava Max and had to have her on my list.

Cascada took this song from Wham for me and my list. Such a good version

Miley Cyrus blew me away with this version. First time on my list.

Luther is a classic and the longest running song on my list.

I added Amy Grant back to the list, I like her version of this song.

Michael and Idina do this song so well together. Took over this song on my list

Alisa Cara put out a Christmas Album this year and had to put this song on the list. I also like her version of I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Gwen And Blake are on the list for I think 3 years now. Gwen is the only artist to respond to my Christmas music list. She asked what I exactly I liked about the song. Just to get a message from Gwen left me speechless yet had to give an answer, that would satisfy a iconic musician like her. I think I did ok, and their still on my list today.

I’m really liking on Karmen’s version of this song. Its a little more up tempo, and a little different.

Colbie has a spot on the list with her Christmas original song that starts in her toes and she crinkle’s her nose you know the song goes. This one’s just as bubbly cute.

Mattie and Tae arey girls and happy to have them on the list with their Christmas original song.

Thank you for visiting my page hope you liked these special Christmas songs to me. Let me know if you liked my list and your favorite Christmas songs. A little Christmas gift for those who don’t know there is a hyper-lynk on the word favorite, it will take you to this playlist with bouns song on YouTube. Thank you so much I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Merry Christmas

Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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