You Look Better As You /A Look Through My Eyes

Have you ever had someone tell you where to go, how to dress, how to act, and like what you don’t. Well that’s the case with this Artist, as a child they had such an amazing singing voice it caught the eye on the Ellen, and Oprah show. The artist I’m talking about was Charice. Inside this little person tiny frame was a voice I’ve heard like no other. So strong, so big and so very good, I became intreagud. Later I heard more of this amazing talents voice, even had a song written by my hero Bruno Mars. There were so many career highlights, singing with Celine Dion in concert as a child. Performing at fight night in front of the great Mahmoud Ali, was on the TV show Glee, and so many more.

But from the publics eyes once your a star you have made it. You have everything your living out your dream. But in reality if you are not being true to your self and no matter how much talent, it shows. The people that put their real self’s out there, we relate with them. If we can relate or feel what they are going through then we embrace them. But what if we don’t know what they are going through and never will. As humans can’t we still feel compassion and understanding. That’s a question I posse to the world, if I don’t know how it feels to not be myself, how can I relate. I can’t but I can see where their coming from and know that it’s not right to have to live a lie and hide your true self from the world.

That’s the case with this Artist that had their father murdered while on tour, told that they couldn’t love the person they loved. Told to wear cloths that made them feel uncomfortable on stage in front of thousands even million viewers. And the worst is don’t be you, be what the people want you to be. Can you imagine trying to deal with that, most of us wouldn’t last a day. This Amazing person did for most of their life. To say it was hard, is an understatement.

Supposedly this Clip was hours after a suicide attempt, had to be brought back to a life – that wasn’t wanted. Been teetering on the verge of death for hours. Vomiting up blood, hurting inside and out, feeling so much sadness. And told to get it together to put on a show. This wasn’t the first just one of many suicide attempts.

This is that same amazing talent now, happier. Still has to deal with so much negativity, his family won’t even acknowledge him. And so scared to be them self. How can you relate you probably, most definitely can’t. But you can have so sense of compassion and see the music in their heart. I was so afraid that I’d had heard this voice for the last time years ago. I truly was brought to tears hearing about all the torment for liking women and was bullied on the internet about looks. I was brought to those same tears, but now of joy know he was married, and for once he is himself. But the biggest thing to bring me to tears was, hearing that voice again. Not only hearing but feeling and relating to it. Because he was whole and the person he was from the beginning. His name is Jake Zyrus and he has had one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard and I hope you agree with me.

I hope Jake has a huge singing career ahead of him, but if not I know he’ll be ok because he is finally living life as himself. I’m still amazed by that voice and I’m still so very proud of this talented, brave human being. Thank you for visiting my page, I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a. Blessed day and remember to be nothing more than who you are.

By Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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