Love Songs Though My Eyes (Pop R&B)

Through my eyes is just what it sounds like, a look at artists from my point of view. Everyone has their very own opinion, and this is mine.

I have loved so many songs through my life, but love songs what have made an impression on me the most. The lyrics not only tell a story but are worded with so much meaning. The good ones you feel them in your soul. There very poetic you can’t help but feel what the writer was feeling to create such a song. Not just to create it but have so much emotion in it.

This is the Slow James R&B, Pop version of my favorite love songs. There are so many Im going to have to break them up into some type of catagorieies.So here are a few of my all time favorite Pop Love songs.

Bruno Mars has and will forever be one of my most favorite artists. I’d say today , yesterday and time to come. He has so many love songs, it was difficult to choose. But this one was from a tv show Jane The Virgin and once I heard it, I thought that’s it was an amazing song from the get go.

Babyface those of you that follow my blog know he is my all time favorite writer. Too many song to choose from from him or his group the Deele or even the many artists he has written for. This is one of I’d say hundreds of favorite Babyface songs.

New Edition is and will forever be an anomaly. All of the members have had so much success as individual artist all of them Ronny, Bobbie, Ricky, Ralph, Mike and Jonny too. But when their together it’s magical. This is and has been my favorite New Edition love song since I was a Teen

Carly Rae Jepsen, one of the most underrated, artists out there she not only sings great but she is an absolute phenomenon as a writer. Her song lyrics are very intelligent and I love her and the way she expresses her self. This song is amazing

Savage Garden, they have such simple but yet witty way about them. They are a very good group that can write the hell out of a song. This song especially.

Michael Jackson wrote this song with R Kelly. Yes that R Kelly. But yet this is my favorite Michael Jackson song of all times. It is very beautifully written and arranged.

Miss Brittany Spears has away with this love song and I still Insist this is her best vocal performance in a song. This is my all time favorite Brittany Spears song.

Ed Sheeran has a few iconic love songs already, this is the first and most special one I first heard from this unconsiveablie talent that he is

Against the current, one of my favorite bands on their way up. But sweet sender just took hold of me and never let go. I love the lyrics in this song. So artsy and creative. Great song

Lauv I heard this once and that was it as well, so real and simple. It’s masterpiece of song.

Troye and Ariana together, this song is not just a cute song. I like the way it’s arranged between the two. So good

Charlie and Megan using a icon to get it on. This is a throwback that was an instant classic. Great premise

Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit, Zara showed off her vocal range in this very beautiful song. I can’t ever get enough of either of them.

This is a hip hop song that you throw in a destiny’s child and there’s no dilemma it’s a forever classic that’s what it is

Pale Waves a band that is better than they are given credit for. This song I loved the moment I heard it and had it on rotation for months straight. It so good, just as they are.

Boyz II Men were love song machines with the writing and producing of non other then Babyface him self. This icon song will be on my lists till I am no more

Troop a group I seen in concert a MC Hammer concert and they blew me away. This song was one in particular. The do a remake of the Jacksons All I Do Is Think Of You and the Deeles Sweet November. But I chose this one instead

George Michael had a lot of hits, with Wham or solo non the less he was an iconic artist. This is a song Ill love forever. Not just because it’s in the movie Deadpool.

Justin Timberlake has so many love songs to pluck fro his numerous hits. With Nsync, solo or even on SNL with Andy Sandburg. This isn’t a box it’s about mirrors

James Arthur, this song is moving and you feel the lyrics as they are sung. This song is a powerful piece that will be forever.

Thanks for visiting my page I really do appreciate you. Hope you enjoyed these love song selections I have pick out here. Let me know some of your favorite love songs.

Gary Agurries

Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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