For You

I write you this love letter to let you know what’s in my heart.
All the things I think you should know, from the very start.
Just so there isn’t any doubt or question how I truly feel.
I care about you more than you’d ever know my love is real.
I just want to treat you better, give you the best you ever had
I want to know that your so happy, because i’m your man
I pour my heart out onto this paper for you to see.
I have left myself so vulnerable, for you to read.
I pass it to you without no one seeing
I’m so nervous as you’re reading.
I can feel my heart beating.
I wish I knew what you’re thinking.
But It’s all for you
There nothing I wouldn’t do
For you
I’ll give you a love so true
All for you
Tell me you feel the same way too
Cause all my love is for you.

By Gary Agurries

Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

8 thoughts on “For You

      1. p.s. while my background involved studying and messing around with words, vocab and structure means little to me when reading, personally, and truthfully, I think it’s the same for many… fancy wording can impress and/or inspire envy, but it’s the kind and honest and brave soul of a writer shining through, that makes a poem strike the heart. Those (like this one, to me at least) are the best… imho. Sometimes my ego or my old perfectionism or my obsession with words impedes me… :)) xoxo

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      2. You are a wordsmith, I knew it from the moment I read your poetry. That’s what drew me, I was knowledge thirsty. To learn you made it easy, all I have to do is read. You have been there for me satisfying my learning need.
        Thank you so very much

        Liked by 1 person

      3. You just made me so happy Gary… best compliment ever maybe. Was my original goal of blogging, some years ago… but we are all in this together, learning from each other, and supporting each other… just as you’ve also been doing for me… so thank *you.* But truly, you’ve really made me smile 🙏😊

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