Song Covers Through My Eyes

Through my eyes is like it sounds, a look at a band from my point of view. Everyone has their own opinion and this is mine.

To do a song cover, I used to believe that it should only be done for special circumstances. Like to honor the artist at a event, to pay tribute or next generation doing their parents song. But now days everyone does covers on You Tube and its encouraged. I did a few sessions online and to get noticed 101 is do a cover. It instructs you to attract that artists followers by doing their cover. Its tricky because of its your favorite song of your favorite artist.. Things can back fire on you, with the featured artists I’ve picked out that is not the case. But the exact opposite, they do them so well or if not better than the original artist. I Understand that it is harder to create the song then to copy it. That would be 100% correct, its just amazing how many genres they do and how fast they release their cover almost the day after the original has been released.

First was my first cover on you tube I actually did like its Against The Current, Chrissy caught my ear with her own sound on T Swift Song. It’s funny because I now see covers of their songs being done today. They showed that they are an amazing band no matter what. Enjoy

Next Imy2 They blew me away when I found their covers on You Tube. They now have their own Original content out and still do amazing covers just for the love of music. I can’t get enough of them hope you feel the same as well. See for your self.

Next Rain Paris I seen a few of her covers a few years ago, they were good. But now she came back this past year and turns Pop to Rock. She is amazing and does a mind blowing job with the altered covers. Take a look.

Emma Heester I seen her a few years back and she is just as amazing. She just has this way of making the song transform into a her song. See for your self.

First to Eleven does a cover suggested in the comments of their videos on You Tube, Every Week. They do a lot of them and do them well. They are so creative the replicate Zedd’s cpu sound on the guitar…amazing. Give them a listen.

Halocene I recently seen a few of their videos and the vocals blew me away. Doing an Evenessene epic song, and A Halestorm song. Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale are the top of the line vocalists and they do them so good it crazy

Pomplamoose, wow they are a creative force, I really just been exposed to their musical experience. But what an experience it is.

Jada Facer has a beautiful voice also recently discovered her music.

Ankor is also new I like their creativity

Tell what you think and who are any of your favorite covers you’ve seen. Thank you so very much for visiting my page. I appreciate you so.

Gary Agurries

Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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