Words Unspoken

In front of loved ones saying our vows

Why is my mind flooding with doubts

Photo flashes as we ready for another

Do we and will we always love each other

Champagne bubbles tickle my nose

Everyone’s clapping after the toast

Can’t help Wondering was this a mistake

Force a big smile while we cut the cake

So much excitement their all happy for us

How or when will we just fall out of love

What is the expiration date on forever

Now days nobody can seem to stay together

Are we just setting ourselves up for failure

We jumped into this like we were so sure

Party’s almost over the night is winding down 

Tomorrow, we didn’t plan nor think about

 Knowing my unease my Grandpa said to me

Love isn’t work, if your in love it’s so easy

Love doesn’t have a manual or even a how to

You just feel it, and you’ll know what to do

The love you two give, will help love grow

It has to be expressed, you have to show

Do you love her out of anything in this world 

If you really do, she’ll always be your girl.

One of many, such a special moment 

It is what you do, the words unspoken.

By Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

7 thoughts on “Words Unspoken

    1. I was recalling that memory, a little embellished and over extracted on my part. But I know so many are very nervous and unsure on their day. And both my Grandfathers were so in love with my grandmothers till the day they both passed away. They showed me what it meant to be a man and how to treat a woman. Thank you I appreciate it, you have a great day.

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