Janet Jackson Through My Eyes

Through my eyes is just like it sounds, a look at an artist from my point of view. Everyone has their very own opinion, this is mine.

Janet Jackson has always had that bigger than life personally, so empowered yet a soft sweet voice. I recall seeing Janet on TV as a young actress, on a few Tv shows. But then her 1987 Grammy performance blew me away. This wasn’t Michael’s little sister anymore, she was Janet. On Stage with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Her producers they had a partnership that was like I’m with you till the end. They made so many hits together, what ever they did worked beauty.

I had mentioned in a prior post that I seen Janet 4 times. Everytime she passed through Colorado, I was there watching her next production. Her concerts were like her brothers or even bigger. With huge stage props, effects and dancing so much dancing. She was amazing to see her and she never ever road her brothers coat tails. As a matter of fact Michael used her, she and La Toya were the female voice on PYT for his Thriller album. And Janet did Scream with Michael for his History album. She had her own dance moves, she did her own music, she was a Jackson but was her own force in the music industry.

Janet always had those dance tracks that get you moving your feet. Along with those real deep ballads, you felt it as she sang. In between her famous family, being married a few times, putting out hit albums, Touring, she continued to star in movies. Like Poetic Justice co-staring Tupac Shukur. She has so much energy to do all that she has done and never complain, bad mouth anyone, or be on any negative scandal feeds. She was just like the girl next store so sweet and did her own thing. Except that girl nextdoor is one of the most amazing human beings to ever live.

There are so many, Janet Jackson songs I loved the day they came out, till today and will forever. I put together some of my favorites, and I really couldn’t decide. I made a play list, had my order and then changed it again and again. I had to put in her Grammy performance first, since I have mentioned it a few times. So here are a few I put together to highlight the phenomenon that is Janet Jackson. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Doing this post on Janet made me realize how great she actually is, wow so many song I love. Thank you for visiting my page, I have and always do appreciate you. Let me know your favorite Janet Jackson songs. Hope you loved them as much as I do.

Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

10 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Through My Eyes

  1. I absolutely Love Janet Jackson! I think I can recite just about every song she has ever made…lol.I can’t pick one favorite song but can give 2 instead 1st- “Together again” and 2nd- “Doesn’t really matter”. I am about to start playing her music right now…lol❤️

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    1. I was making my playlist for the post and couldn’t decide, I know its the 35th anniversary of her control album. She is so amazing, and so many great songs. Thank you I love your comments so very much.

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      1. You’re very welcome, I truly enjoy your site.As a kid I remember wishing that Janet and Prince would work on a piece together.I still wish they would have.It would probably have been a masterpiece.❤️💕

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      2. Oh for sure, she kinda had that prince vibe. Because jimmy jam was part of the Revolution till he was late to rehearsal one time and Prince fired him. He worked with the Time and Terry Lewis and him left to do there own thing. But all still in that tight knit group with Prince and Morris Day. Thank you, you really do spark memories that I knew but didn’t think of in a long time.


      3. I seen an Interview with jimmy jam and Terry Lewis, they were laughing and joking about. But there sound was influenced by Prince. I also forgot Janet was in Nutty Professor, when you mentioned Doesn’t Really Matter. I think I should run my post by you first to make sure I’m getting everything in there. Thank you much I really do appreciate you so much.

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      4. Lol.Thank you.You probably can’t imagine how many songs your site has added to my daily playlist.I truly love all different types of music but somehow you seem to touch on ones that I have neglected.Then you bring them back for me and I truly appreciate it.I find music to be almost like a teleportation device that brings me back in time.Thank you for your work.❤️💕

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      5. I am the same way, I just got done being part of a live world premiere video launch for the group Chvrches. I love music, I say if its good I like it. Thank you, you have a great day.

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