Artist’s That Shaped My Love Music Part 2

Ready For The World, has so many songs I love and more then love you down. They are one of my all time favorites

Mc Hammer, what a performer, he had me a dance clubs every weekend when I was 16. He had groups that he promoted Special Generation, Oaktown 3-5-7, B Angie B. They were good too and toured with his out of the world concerts. Seen him 3 times.

LL Cool J was hip hop I was Allowed to listen to. He was a lover and tough all at the same time. Love his music.

Keith Sweat, he came out with all the love jams. He had such a great voice, it was an one of a kind sound.

Janet Jackson, I love her. She never road her brothers coat tails and does her own thing. I remember her grammy appearance, first time letting the world witness the incredibly talented artist she is. One of the best Grammy performances of all times. I’ve seen her more than any other artist ever 4 times.

TLC had that sound, it was infectious. On La Face Records, these three just had it. T-boz her unique sound, Chilli had that sweet voice and. Lisa Left Eye Lopez could rap like no other. I loved them so.

Full Force, they are known for this Dance seen song in House Party. But they did a lot of producing, For Lisa Lisa and they did Selena’s English album.

Jodeci they had that sound, KC and Jo Jo with that Devonte Swing. These guys were amazing.

Mariah Carry, such a beautiful voice, I was hooked once I heard her and still am.

Brittney Spears has that show along with her voice. This is one of my all time favorite songs ever

Christina Aguilera has that powerful yet smooth sound. She is a phenomenon.

Dr Dre coming from NWA, with Ice Cube, Easy E and then Snoop, Eminem. Dre changed music with his beats and still continues too. Best at what he does

Jermaine Dupree, like Dre he has some serious dance beats. Makes songs better with his remixes too.

Teddy Riley not only sings, produces he writes so hits for Bobby Brown, Micheal Jackson and so many more.

Boys II Men, discovered by New Editions Michael Bivens, hits are written by Babyface. There style was one me and my friends tried to impersonate. All through high school, the shirt and tie look.

Digital Underground a group that had their own hit but was the starting point for none other than 2 Pac.

Thank you for visiting my page, I really do appreciate you so very much. Hope you enjoyed my influences in music, let me know of your very own favorites.

Gary Agurries

Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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