Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock, or Party Rock in the late 90’s I believe to be the evolution of Grunge music. It had the same punk, hard guitar riffs, it just didn’t have any deep message. The dark sound turned to party anthems and comical lyrics. Green Day, Offspring, Good Chorolett and a lot more bands did a let’s party type music. No more gloomy Seattle sound it was like punk rock from the underground. And just like Grunge the fans absolutely loved it. This was in the 90s and beyond, the music of message was about self esteem, basket cases, doing it all for the nookie.

So here are some of my favorite Alternative rock band’s and their party anthems. Hope you enjoy them as much As I do.

Thank you for visiting my page and my look at alternative rock the evolution of Grunge music. Hope you enjoyed taking a look back at some of these comical rock songs. No message just rock and roll life style with a Prozac for Stacy mom and redbull. Let me know your favorite alternative rock bands and or songs. Once again thank you for visiting my page, I appreciate you so much.

Gary Agurries

Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

4 thoughts on “Alternative Rock

  1. Haha!!! I just listened to those last two, hilarrious!!! 😆 Good analysis of alternative rock. Howeverrr…. there was one group with a bit of substance… Tragically Hip. :))) I loved their music. (Though back in the green day, I also loved the party hits. :))

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    1. I was into R&B and Hip Hop, mostly. Then once I began to Dj I expanded my music library, my taste of music also expanded. I always was curious about the way the music was constructed. I my self tried with group when I was younger and liked the writing and producing of music more than performing. Can’t see singing the same song for years all the time over and over. I don’t like what I wrote 10 days ago let alone to have it so permanent that your stuck with the lyrics you wrote . thank you so much glad you enjoyed the music.

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      1. What a very cool response… I love this. For me it was just the opposite, came from a rock listening environment mostly, plus classical (in terms of music training) I guess, but a couple of galfriends brought me into loving the world of hip hop, especially for dance. I really relate to what you said – preferring the writing and producing more than performing, and also yes, there has to be so much energy, one has to love being with the crowd so much, to perform the same song over and over! Maybe it’s an introvert/extrovert thing…

        I completely hear you on that “I don’t like what I wrote 10 days ago let alone to have it so permanent that your stuck with the lyrics you wrote”!!! But seeing it through my eyes on someone else’s work, what you’ve written could touch someone many years from now even though you’ve moved on from it. Your writing is encouraging and lovely and if people don’t always respond to it (likes, comments etc) it could be just out of shyness or something similar. Easy for me to say this rather than do this but: love every piece of yourself!

        But you probably know that already. :)) thanks for the convo Gary. :)) Rock on. :))

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      2. I like that you understand, writing is not permanent. Till it is, and once it is your stuck with what you wrote. I don’t go back and read most of what I write because, I would want to change it, or my view is different in this point in time of my life. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I appreciate them so very much.

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