The Words You Don’t Say

I know your upset, you don’t reply back
I can’t tell if your busy or you’re really mad
I let it go, I was going to forget it and move on
So why won’t you answer me if nothing is wrong
All your doing is making me getting inside my mind
The worst it gets the longer amount of time
I can’t help it, I know all this thinking isn’t healthy
It’s what I’m left to do, because the words you don’t say.
Words unspoken can drive someone absolutely insane
I don’t want to go crazy, so a level head I try to maintain
I keep my mind busy, it helps during the rush of the day
Now alone and I imagine all the words that you don’t say

By Gary Agurries


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

9 thoughts on “The Words You Don’t Say

  1. It’s definitely challenging when people seem to have feelings that they don’t communicate directly, but instead in a roundabout sort of way! But some folks have a hard time doing that, due to past experiences and/or childhood environment maybe. Perhaps compassion is key.
    Well-penned feelings, Gary!

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    1. Your right, everyone is unique and to know how to go about reaching them other than the conventional way is a gift. Or you really pay attention to the person that you know how to handle such situation. That’s what I usually do. Thank you so very much for your feedback, I do love getting your view on all subjects. You are amazing, once again thank you so much.

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      1. Omg! What a lovely reply. Very nice suprise in a busy day. Huge thanks for the kind words!! :))
        I agree! Paying attention is a major factor. But it also depends who we’re with… some people we also just need to let go, if interaction is a constant struggle, or if they’re clearly not interested (i.e. don’t make the consistent effort) — and best to know that before committing to anything or anyone. Of course, easier said than done. :)) Thanks so much again for the kind words Gary! Wishing you contentment and love. :))

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      2. So happy that you liked my reply, and you do inspire so much whether it be in your comments, your posts and I’m assuming in everyday conversation. Thank you for always being thought provoking and so kind. You have a great night as well.

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    1. I can take the silent treatment, any day. But knowing that they should say some thing and they don’t. Can make me feel like their hiding something or thinking about the story to cover the other story they said. Its easier to just tell the truth, you can’t ever forget the lie I told if you never lied in ths first place. Thank you so very much for your comments and likes. I really do appreciate you so much.

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