family secret.

Sins of thy father, don’t affect the daughter…Or do they..
Soon enough that question, would be answered. with a bundle of joy on its way.
Since any one could remember Lewis family had been cursed.
Always the burden was put upon a son, to be exact the first.
This time the first-born was not a boy, the curse had to be broken?
And for the Lewis family there would be no more misfortune.
The mystic forces that they had forever known.
Was not sexist and it was so apparently shown.
Clumsy, a little off and she must have her head in the clouds.
Was all the ways strangers in town described this poor child.
But the family knew this was not just a case of very bad luck.
Not only was another generation cursed, they were forever stuck.
Beth was the child’s name, and from the world they hide her away
She’d stay locked up and look out the window as the other children play.
They would have her food sent out to her, along with other necessities
But one day they got a report card from the school, this isn’t possible how can this be.
Beth hasn’t set foot out of her cell, there’s no way no way in hell.
Her parents went down to the school, to see what this was about.
They spoke to this really nice lady who claimed to be Beth’s teacher.
They were so upset saying no way it can be her…
Till there on the wall was, sure enough Beth’s picture
The teacher was shocked and said she’s been coming to this school for three years.
The parent raced home to get some kind of explanation, there had to be
This was crazy no way, Beth had been locked up very tight and securely.
But yet sure enough, Beth was doing home work from the school, it’s true..
They ask her how and why, how is it that neither of them knew.
Beth just said” I’m just doing all the things a little girl should do.
I get up in the morning, get ready’ make my lunch and go to school.
I wake up optimistic and so positive each and everyday
knowing something bad is most likely going to come my way.
And when bad thing happen and so many of them do
I meet it head first, I do all I can to make it through
With faith in your heart, positive attitude and a very, very strong mind
Misfortune will happen, that’s ok.. when it’s done, I’ll be just fine.
This Entity that had been plaguing this family was so upset
It had been throwing all it had at Beth all that it could muster up.
Beth would dust her self off with a smile she’d be on her way.
This went on so long, for years and years and day after day.
But the results were the same. it never got Beth upset… never to cry.
This Entity had to know, so in the dirt formed the word why?
Beth answered if you give me all you have till you have no more
I’d take it happily, this not about me.. my famliy was who it was for.
If that’s what it takes, bring it on, I just picture my family happy..
With that image, you can do you worst all you want to me.
Beth had been selfless and her concern was her family..
The cures was broken and she is now the happiest mother of three.

Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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