My Music Hot List of 2020

26 thru 50 of my favorites in 2020 (3 of 5)

MacKenzie Porter – These Days. Once I heard this song I loved it in that moment. It just takes you bake to those days. MacKenzie does an amazing job on this hit song.

Ellie Goulding – Love I’m Giving. It doesn’t get any better than Ellie when it comes to vocal range and hit songs. She has them both down, I’ve been a fan for a long time.

Marshmello & Halsey – Be Kind. This is an amazing song with the musical arangement and the unique powerful voice of Halsey, it just works.

Lee Brice – One Of Them Girls. This is one of them songs that grabbs ahold of you and don’t let go. Lee does a great job on getting his point across, I love this song.

Katy Perry – Never Really Over. Katy just makes hit after hit, like when she first kissed a girl and I liked it and still do love her music.

Dagny – Somebody. This song caught me by suprise and opened my eyes to Dangys music. Such an amazing sound, love it.

Lp – Shaken. This is one of those groups that you say who and where did they come from. With their refreshing sound and fun lyrics, you can’t help but love them.

Why Don’t We – Lotus Inn. Another find for me in 2020 and if they keep putting out this quality of music I’ll become an instant fan forever.

Chvrches – Here With Me. They keep putting out hits and don’t get the credit they desirve. Great music all around.

Upsahl – 12345sex. Descovered her music this year and its been a pleasure to experance it. Amazing artist.

Carlie Hanson – Good Enough. Carlie is more than good enough, she is one of my all time favorites. Her crafty lyrics and amazing vocals have had me loving eveeything she releases. Great song, one of the best Artists in the world.

Benee & Gu Dapperton – Supalonely. This up beat, catchy unique song leaves you supa happy, great song

Maddie & Tae – Bathroom Floor. They always put out good stuff and have that girl power anthem and still maintain that femine wild. Love them so much.

Kelsea Ballerini – Hole In The Bottle. Kelsea has her way of making you fall in love with her quick witty lyrics and her feel good sound. Been a fan for awhile.

Max & Suga – Blueberry Eyes. Max has that i’m going to keep a straight face as I mess with you deminer, or what ever it is it works, love this song.

Imy2 – Breakfast In Bed. Imy2 was another find of mine in 2020, they have great original material as well as covers that in my oppinion are better than the original. They are going to be huge stars, thats for sure.

Audrey Mika – Just Friends. This Song is just a fun, whimsical song that you find your self singing around the house. Audrey desrives all the great things coming her way, She’s worked so hard to get here and have no doubt that she’ll continue to work and put out future hits.

Phoebe Ryan – See Myself. Pheobe I’m in love with her mind. She has the best lines and sing’s with the most soft powerful voice I’ve ever heard. Great song

Char Lloyd – One Drink Away. Char has been one of my favorites, for a while. She has such an amazing voice and put out good music.

Zedd & Griff – Inside Out. Zedd has a mafic touch to every song and when he calabs with the most beautiful voices in the business. This song is no diffrent.

Demi Lovato – I Love Me. Demi has had my eye and ears for awile she is amazing and I love this song for her it showes her growth as an artist

Camila Cabello – My Oh My. Since she went solo she has been doing better than alright. She has that sound that makes you want more.

Maisie Peters & Jp Saxe – Maybe Don’t. Miasie has such a sweet, voice and blended with Jp it is magic. Great song

Aj Tracey & Mabel – West Ten. Mabel being one of the most powerful voices out there add Aj to the mix and they just ignight the song. Amazing

Sigrid – Don’t Feel Like Crying. She has such an original style to her, you Just love her. She sings like no other and does it very well.

Too Be Continued…. Press link below, for next 51 thru 75 Artist’s


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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