Your Shine

I’m so very sorry I don’t know where to begin
I treated you wrongly, that’s not how you treat a friend.
When I look at you I see all the good you add to my world
I thought you were leaving, I went crazy, I was hurt
I have to do better, because you still accepted my apology
You are such an angel to see the real man in me
To keep you in my life I’d gladly take you as my friend
My world was dark and cold when I thought we had come to our end
You shined your light on me and brought me back from the dark within
You shined your light upon me and reminded me of a real true friend
I cherish every moment and won’t waste this precious opportunity
You provided the light every step of the way so I could see
I will strive to be a special friend like you are to me
I want to be worthy of that someone you would call friend
I’m so proud of you more and more, over and over, and again and again
You won’t let me go, making that bond stronger till the end of time
You are one of the most remarkable people, I have as a friend of mine
When your there for me and I’m there for you, we are so much better
When you shine, I shine. We are so bright when we shine together.

By Gary Agurries : Inspired By A-Lo


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

2 thoughts on “Your Shine

  1. Each one of us is a shining star. When we shine together as lovers, friends, relatives, work colleagues or whatever human relationship, we shine more brightly and the world remembers how to practise smiling while forgetting a tiny bit of its sorrows. We forget about life’s hardships while sailing with our hard ships in the open sea.


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