The Beautiful Colors Of Music

For quite some time now, I said I see colors when I listen to music. That is so true now more than ever today, a lot of my favorite artists have went the color route with their hair. As each and every one of them look as amazing as they sound.

Color Brings to mind one of my all time favorite songs and a lot people never heard this amazing song By Carly Rae Jepson. That’s right the Call Me Maybe girl. She is best known for that song and in my opinion its a great song. But it’s not even in the top ten of the songs she done.  Favourite Colour not only amazing song but made me think of the colors of Music.

Bebe Rexha Has been one of my absolute favorites for a while now, she has been through her recent color change to Red. Red signifying Fire like her songs and passion the way she is determined toward her music. With the addition of Doja Cat also in reddish hair at the beginning of the video, it doesn’t get any hotter than this.

Next the color is in her name kind of, but definitely the color of a lot of her records. The Gold Ellie Goulding has been one of my all time favorites, and will always be. she has been putting out hit songs for a long time. longer that my second marriage, that has been my longest one so far too. I just love her and Gold seems to fit her perfectly. Gold means high value, royal, beautiful and sought after. those fit her well.

Pink is the next color and I think pink I no longer think of the artist Pink but Kiiara. Kiiara is one of my absolute favorites and the color looks so great on her as well. Pink signifies, care like the attention she puts in each and every track. It also means love and that’s how I feel toward her music, I hope you do as well

Next is Blue and that’s not sadness, far from it. Her music does just the opposite. ‘A’ Annalise from imy2 has blue hair. It changes from light to dark the blue looks as gorgeous as she sings. Blue means Happy and power that the impact her voice has on me.

There are other artists that have the same color but yellow is one that is unique and just like this artist. Tessa Violet, you’d think Purple right but yellow fits her style and look perfectly. I was instantly hooked once I heard her flavorful style and loved her ever since. Yellow meaning is Joy, Inspiration and busy. She has been busy bringing joy to those who listen to her music, that’s for sure.

Blonds are supposed to have more fun and I can’t say I’ve had anything but that listening to this pair. Zara Larson and Sabrina Carpenter they are amazingly talented and beautiful women. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow as artists and how great they have become. All I can Say Is WOW..

Black Hair has been my preference in the past and its no exception with this artist. Julia Michaels has had her issues, Lol. Julia is one of the most talented artist out there. and Keeps me falling for brunettes.

Orange was brought in the Mix from no other than the amazing Ava Max, this bright color looks and fits her well. Ava is always surprises me with her music, her hair color shouldn’t be any different. Orange Signifies stand out and Attraction, that her for sure.

Purple / silver was worn by Haliee Steinfeld in most girls. Like in the song most girls and especially these Women they are all beautiful and so very talented. couldn’t said it better.

Hope You enjoy this colorful list of these super talented artists, who are your favorite colorful artist. message me, leave a comment or email me, I’d love to hear yours.

By Gary Agurries

Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

5 thoughts on “The Beautiful Colors Of Music

  1. great post, Gary, and thank you so much for the follow. I also see colors in music when I listen to it and without a videoclip. All these girls are undoubtedly great artists. The only thing that saddens me a bit is the excessive objectification of the female gender in almost all these videoclips. You say the girls are beautiful, sure, I agree. The way they dress, move, etc, is art, but I wonder if other women who just wear natural color in their hair, who do not use make up, nor high heels, nor shave their legs, who are not thin, who are older, who don’t like artificial nails, etc, etc, would be considered beautiful in the eyes of men, other women and, in general, in the eyes of our current consummerist society.


    1. Thank you, I find beauty in everytrhing or at least try to. And its usually not that hard to. I don’t watch the videos till later down the road. I listen to their voice, the female voice has a wider range than the male voice. I do listen to more females than males because of that reason.and so many are so very talented in writing, dancing, i learned a few years back is to move the stomchs amazing

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