True Love?



cropped-cropped-cropped-romantic-couple-331287829750qtdo.jpgBy Gary Agurries

When I was younger there was so many things I used to believe.

And then I outgrew all The childhood  wonder and mystery.

I thought every I knew now. was the real thing far as I could see.

But I overlooked one thing I had faith in.. I was so Naive.

I thought it was a feeling or an emotion like being happy or sad

I could swear by this because it’s something I actually had.

But things don’t last forever.. I hung on to the notion so tight

I believe in True Love, Soul Mate and my other half, i’d of bet my life,

Then one day it disappeared, it was nowhere to be found

I thought I could get it back had to be around.

My Heart wouldn’t accept it and  put up flyers like love was a lost pet

My mind was so angry it was making me crazy… I just wanted to forget.

I couldn’t believe for sixteen years it was here and just up and went away.

like being told, there’s no santa easter,bunny or tooth fairy all in one day .

And to top it off my dog wasn’t at a farm, where he could run and play.

Everything that I am, was and did kept love alive because I lived that way.

To love another more than anything and up to I take that last and final breath.

My Faith was torn, My heart shattered, Soul lost and my mind a total mess.

It took quite some time, I still don’t understand, but it was part of fates plan,

I had to learn, remember, and forget,, and when I did it made me the man I am

I still treat every women with love, respect and I will always believe in chivalry..

No matter how bad my heart is broken, they can’t take that out of me.

Love is out there. that’s nothing new

But love can’t be unconditional and be forever or True,


Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

One thought on “True Love?

  1. “I still treat every women with love, respect and I will always believe in chivalry..”
    I like the “still” word here and hope you keep it forever. I don’t know exactly what you mean with “chivalry”, which is a word that has synonims like courtesy and generosity. I try to treat every human being, whether woman, man or trans, like this. I suppose this is the true essence of feminism, where neither patriarchal nor matriarchal systems should be accepted because it would mean power abuse of one gender over the others. We need equality as far as human beings: equal rights, opportunities and duties in society.

    Some of the lines in your poem are beautifully written, so poignant, because they express very well the difficulty to find love that lasts. I also like how you express the learning process after a broken heart. Love this line: “I had to learn, remember, and forget,, and when I did it made me the man I am”

    What do you think of dating sites to find love? I met my husband without those, but perhaps they help other people. You might find this post from a friend of mine, Mario Savioni, quite interesting because he deals with almost the same things you talk about in this lovely poem of yours. Here is the link:


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