What Did It Take To Make You.



made you

I can imagine all the  ingredients that make you into who you are.

First it have to be Butter and sugar, no Substitute for your so sweet and real for sure.

It  Definetly  has a splash of confidence, a generous helping of intellect.

Along with the biggest heart,  cooked slowly, so you were let to raise right, gave you respect.

You were popping in all the right places with icing and sprinkles your so mouth watering and sparked so bright,

A cheese or cream for some thing going funny  and Milk  it does a body good,ut did your body just right

They must have used pam. your not clingy,  your independent  you don’t cling or stick

To your Perfection they add needed ingredients as you needed or as they see fit

Ingredients are  important but they have to  mix, stir  bend and brew..

Into the amazing finished  product.. that is you.

What did it take to make you, because I know  forsure i was made to crave you.

you’re not rubber and I’m, not glue,   Because  I’m, definitely stuck on you,

By Gary Agurries



Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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