X-Mas Songs – My Fav’s

Well it’s that time of season and yes I have a list of Christmas Songs that I have to listen to. They get me into the holiday mood. I used to work in a grocery store and this time of year they would pipe Christmas music. would annoy the hell out of me and my crews after 3 to 4 days of the same songs over and over. I haven’t had to deal with that for a while. So I guess I can actually enjoy the song’s for  they   for. Not a measure of torture for retail employee’s. So let get into I’m going to make it an interactive post as well. green and red, imagine that. I have favorite songs and most are remakes, or have been remade. So I’ll do  two versions that are the better of all versions.  If I’ve missed any of your favorites please let me know.  This has been a tough group of songs to put together a lot of memories .

Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas actually done by Ariana Grande the best but lets give it to the original voice.  My Chemical Romance version isn’t to bad

Brittney Spears i love her song  My Only wish (this year)

Ariana Grande her voice is just in a league of its own love song – Santa Tell Me

Stevie Wonder –  his What Christmas means to me so good, 1 is as good its  Ciara version

Leona Lewis just so amazing love her song – One More Sleep

Austin Mahome – even though it’s a Justin Bieber song like Austin’s better both are good

Wham has a classic  Last Christmas, Ariana has a great version- but I’m giving this one Chloe Adams and also to  Cascade

Band Aid the song do they know its Christmas a great idea as well Band Aid 30 redid song

Paul McCartney song Simply having a wonderful Christmas Time

Lucy Hale her song Mistletoe she had a hit with this day one.

Ronettes and the Ventures have two different versions of Sleigh Ride

Brenda Lee rocking around the Christmas tree this version is the best by Jessie J

John Lennon did Happy Xmas and Maroon 5 has a good cover so did Celin Dion but the best is by Christina Perri

Bobby Helms Jingle Bell Rock None Better than Brian Setzer

Charles Brown Please come home for Christmas best version The Eagles

Chuck Berry Run Run Rudolph is as good as it gets and Brian Setzer did it justice

Eartha Kitt‘s Santa Baby by Madonna Is good Kellie Pickler and best by Ashley Brinton also  Christine DiAmori 

 Esther Williams & Ricardo Montalbán Baby It’s Cold Outside Leon Redbone & Zoe Deschanel And by Lady Antebellum

 TLC –  sleigh Ride

Gwen Stefani – Secret Santa

Becky G & Lindsey Stirling –  Christmas C’Mon

LeAnn Rimes  – You & Me & Christmas

Owl City – Kiss Me Baby Its Christmas time

Blink 182 – Wont Be Home For Christmas

Simple Plan – My Christmas List

And Feliz Navidad because of my Latin Roots

hope this gets you in to the holiday mood and remember tell me what you think or your fav’s. thanks and hae the best day.for the link to my whole list on You Tube Click This

By Gary Agurries



Published by Gary A

I love music and it's lyrics, my song writing days are still in me. Just a little more poetic now.

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