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Brought to Me By You / By Gary Agurries
**Requested by readers, followers, friends and all and including my social networking sites. Thanks to all for your feed back

I realized that when it comes down to music there are genres and categories. But not to many stay with in there given perimeters, including both Fans and Artists. It’s not like one or the other,  like Pepsi or Coke. We all have our own individual taste and that’s so grate. I been discovering Bands that if, in any other situation I would have missed out. These Bands are as unique and should be looked at as such. I don’t like to compare anything to something similar. In reality they are not. I can put on Dean Martin to Ludicrous and from Temptations to Cannibal  Corps. I guess  it’s just to group them to make our playlists a little more neater. I do it all the time, my playlists are for, other reasons… I Dj . all I’m getting at i,s don’t be locked in on a certain genres, because if you do your missing out on a lot of good music.

These are band suggested by you on social media, that we should be listening to and there right.. A lot of  them are good bands.  it’s so easy to make and record music now with technology.  Fact, some are getting overlooked with so many selections and so much talent out there. Just don’t want to miss anyone. As i said before As December Falls in my opinion should be on,  every ones playlist. and here are a few more like Soul Exchange. Ottawa and so many more…… click on band’s name and it takes you to a video of the band.  So I’m going to use the same color code for this post as well the darker the harder..Pop, Alternative nu rock Punk Rock, hard rock metal to Death Metal.

As December Falls…. To good,  too not be bigger than they are.. (SUPERSTARS)

Soul Exchange…..poetic / thriller, in their own category for sure

Ottawa …. semi mellow rock riffs with good vocals

Cryosphere………..Death Metal / Nursery Rhyme, very unique that;s an understatement.

The Beautiful Monument…….Takes you on a terrifying journey..  great vocals..

The Amorettes…. Nu blast from the past/ that kicks you in the ass

Killin’ Baudaire,,,,,,,mosh-pit in a formal gown.. very talented group.

Divide.………… Pop melody, nu rock beats with smooth & death metal must check out,

Beneath the Silence ………….0 to 60 and full throttle, rock band.

Arbors ………young and good sound. arraignments, on point

Sertraline …… can do soft w/ undertones of fear to  nu punk hardcore

Menzia ……hard punk with an upbeat heavy guitar rhythms..

Away From Here …..Not from here and they can jam, guitar riffs—-Nice

Ecosmith … great band beautiful vocals, real good

Man Made Time ……one of my absolute favorites, sweet vocals over electro/genius beats

Krewella …….. R &B flavor with nu electronic beats

Icon For Hire ……… good , just they are on a level all alone,,

Halflives … so good don’t want them over looked at all, need to make sure U-C-Them

Forever Still …..So good .. a prototypical – unconditional rock band..

Entrust …. disciplined very good band that rocks.

 Buddha Trixie …..cinematic –  psychedelic kinda  band

Duuns… Jim Morrison feel to them

Half Eatens …. Definitely have a 70’s sound and feel to them

Los Shadows …has a past feel to it  but not.. its interesting

Dizorder …. crazy violent rock music with unique vocals , not bad

Dvwkins …high obtain Sunday school anarchy.. a musical high very good

New Years Day …… Another repeat has new album, they are so good new and old stuff

Fifth Dawn ….. returning new album, so good .. an up and down musical adventure

I Hope i didn’t leave out your picks, if i did let me know also any other suggestions.. thanks to every one you guy have been awesome with the responses, that i have revived back. on Twitter special thanks to  all and  big ups  to JJ the Bear lot of good Intel. Soul Exchange, Creepy Clown Girl, Sakis Kouvroukis, Fitbonacci, Luhtanem Jarno, David RB, Black Banks, The Amoretts, and Cryosphere .. On Face Book thanks to.. Frank Kate Mary, Moni Mo, Tina Lynn, Katie Winn Kalvaitis, Priscilla Herrell, Sharon Watt, Mikki Boyette< Maria Dolera Garcia, Anetta Aneha, Kathy Wattenberger and Michelle A Day… Instagram also thank you every one one again you guys are the best..



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